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Occasionally, I devote entire RANT topics to the work of deserving “shadow-worlders;” as with Brent Johnson – “ONE OF THE BEST PM ANALYSTS YOU DON’T (YET) KNOW”; “MATT TAIBBI, AMERICA’S GREATEST JOURNALIST”; “GERALD CELENTE, PATRIOT”; and, of course, “RON PAUL, AMERICA’S GREATEST MAN.”

Today, I’m bestowing that honor on Jeff Nielson of the Bullion Bulls Canada website.  I’m not sure how long he has been commentating on the PM markets, but I have been aware of his fine work for the past two or three years.  In recent weeks, he has published several excellent articles; including this RANT’s namesake

Gold-Bashing Mythology hits New Crescendo

…and this excellent “common sense piece”…

Gold Bears ignore Supply Contradictions

As I have long written, the most valuable weapon in your “protection arsenal” is the ability to identify “good, smart people” – i.e., those that are truthful AND have your best interest at heart; and subsequently, utilize them as resources to counterattack the MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA that seeks to separate you from your money.  In reading Jeff Nielson consistently, I believe you are using that “weapon” appropriately!