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As the stealth gold bull market rolls on, escalating prices will prove to be less a hurdle to overcome than sourcing the product will be.  I have said repeatedly that coins and bars are beginning to disappear, and that there is absolutely no secondary market. In other words nobody is selling us back anything at all.  People now are being motivated by fear, not greed, so selling back for a profit seems less appealing these days.

In Greece, fear is running through the populace as the nation is confronted with a government that will likely default on some of its debts.

The gold coin of choice in Greece is the British Sovereign. And, in the first quarter of 2010, the Greek Central Bank sold more than 50,000 sovereigns at its main downtown Athens office alone.  The demand is so strong that people are waiting in long lines to purchase just a few sovereigns for well over $400 per coin, which works out to over $1,700 per ounce of gold, or a 40+% premium!! How long will it take before American buyers have to wait in long lines and pay huge premiums for gold and silver bullion coins?

While you still can, you should protect yourself by getting long gold.