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Gold is intrinsic wealth based on 6,000 years of history. Gold can’t go bankrupt, and if you own enough you will always be wealthy no matter what the circumstances. In the face of the sinking dollar, gold is safer than stocks or bonds. Gold is beautiful and does not tarnish. Gold can be stretched into a sheet so thin it is translucent. Gold can be pulled into a strand narrower than a human hair. Gold taken from King Tut’s tomb is as good and as valuable today as it was over 3,000 years ago. Gold pulled from ships that were sunk hundreds of years ago, is undamaged as it was the day the ship went down.

Over the last decade the rising price of gold has kept pace with the devaluing US dollar. Those who hold large quantities of gold have kept up with, or even improved, their relative standard of living. When inflation materializes, and it will your gold will probably rise with it.

Tune out the noise from the nay-saying mainstream and trust 6000 years worth of history.

Get longer gold!