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Big money is attuned to the primary trend, and is always way ahead of the crowd, especially in the world of investments.  Conversely, the amateur – the public – acts as the sucker who listens to the professionals and the CNBC analysts.  This approach has most often rendered the public a day late and several dollars short and totally unaware of the primary trend.  For over a decade, big money has been driving the price of gold higher, in a search for the ultimate form of safety.  All along, the amateur public has ignored and even shunned gold.  Worse, they have found ways to justify being long the stock market, which has traded sideways and down since 2000.  They have all of their assets denominated in dollars, without an inkling of the risk they are taking.

But what happens when trust in the dollar wanes?  Due to our outlandish debt and reckless monetary policies, this is inevitable.  What happens when confidence erodes toward all fiat money?  It’s coming – and the result will be more and more attention focused on real money – gold.

Ultimately, the day will come, when it is common knowledge that gold is not just a safe alternative to the dollar – it is an alternative to all of the world’s troubled fiat currencies.  The gold bull market is a worldwide event, and gold is the strongest form of money the world has trusted and sought after since biblical times.  Don’t fight history, and don’t fight the primary trend – get longer gold!