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Today, Bill Holter wrote his first exclusive article for Miles Franklin.  He will regularly post to our blog.  You can read his first article here:

Jamie Dimon Speaks! – Bill Holter

An archive of his articles will be accessible under the Author Section here:

Bill Holter Articles

Later, in the daily, I have included the first few pages of John Williams (Shadowstats) Special Commentary, A Review of Economic, Systemic-Solvency, Inflation, U.S. Dollar and Gold Circumstances.  I urge all of you to subscribe to Shadowstats.  If you only subscribe to one newsletter, this should be first on your list.  Without Williams’ unique data, it is extremely difficult to make rational decisions on your finances.  The phrase “garbage in / garbage out” is true not only for computers, but also with our financial data.  The crap we get from the MSM and BLS is truly “garbage in.”

Here are some comments from a friend:

As soon as Gold moves above $1642 it will initiate a new pattern of higher highs & higher lows, which confirms the intermediate bottom on May 16TH.

I can find nothing to disagree with in his analysis.

Here is some good advice from our friend Ken M.:

Obtain any reasonable low-cost debt you “need” (e.g., college tuition) or is asset-backed (e.g., mortgage) now.  Rates are being driven and kept at historically and artificially low levels.  As confidence in the dollar wanes right along with other fiat currencies, those rates have little room to go down and a great deal of room to go up.  They will do so as the currency inflates—allowing borrowers to reap the benefit of paying back their low-rate loans with dollars worth far less.  This happened across the Weimar Republic during the early stages of Germany’s devastating inflation (April 1919 = 19 marks: $1; December 1923 = 4,200,000,000,000: $1—yes 4.2 TRILLION).

We may not hit Weimar-like inflation rates, but there it is certain that interest rates will rise and the dollar will weaken substantially as a result of the recent and upcoming Fed-led dollar debasement.

Note the following gold graph in euro and dollars:

Gold is holding up better in euro than in the dollar.  Looks like a lot of euro-wealth in seeking shelter in gold, as well they should.