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Gold has been wealth for over 5000 years, and gold is money that cannot be printed or created out of thin air. For this reason, governments despise gold because it exposes the fact that paper money (no comma) is neither safe nor a store of value.  For proof, check out the graph below.

Gold is in a major bull market and is being accumulated by wealthy investors from around the world.  They are beginning to understand the time tested value of gold; a currency that can’t go bankrupt.

If you live in any of the EU countries and you’re loaded with millions of Euros, and you’re worried about the world situation, what’s your move to safety? You buy gold!

This is a bull market that the US public has not started to participate in – yet.   People in this country don’t know how to buy gold, where to buy gold and most likely, why to buy gold.

The gold bull market, like all bull markets, will do its best to keep you off, and shake you off its back, just like a real live bucking bull.  Hold tight and get ready for one heck of a ride!

Get longer gold!