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I have been carefully monitoring gold’s “1-year ago today” change numbers that I publish every day in the opening section.  It may seem like gold is going no-where but actually it is mirroring last year’s performance too a tee.  Gold has been hanging around the “up $360-$400 range” most every day, this month.  If the pattern continues, gold will take a brief breather before launching in mid to late March.

What If – A must see video by Judge Napolitano

This should give you something to think about.

So much for freedom of the press.  Shame, shame, shame!  At least we have the Internet – for now.

The Judge said on his Facebook page the final show is Feb 13th 8:00 PM. This video is allowed under DMCA Fair Use Act Look in video response for the last freedom watch.

Notice the TIMING of the cancellation. Such a popular show would never be cancelled, especially with NO replacement. This was POLITICAL. JN was cancelled flat because the monied elite, manipulating our system, does NOT like his message. They want him and his anti-Iran war, anti-Fed money manipulation and anti-crony capitalist message to GO AWAY. So the Judge is out and the AP has released a wave of scare stories to get us into Iran. THAT’S HOW IT IS DONE IN OUR CORRUPT DEMOCRACY.

And here is another link to Judge Napolitano discussing our freedom and the Constitution, courtesy of our friend, Ken.

Under the “I bet you didn’t know” category – the following from Deepcaster:

Under “Operation Twist” The Fed bought 64% of all U.S. Treasury Securities with maturities of 8 to 10 years, and 91%! of those maturing in 20 to 30 years. All with hundreds of billions of Fiat Money created for free out of thin air (no wonder wheat prices were up 12% and corn up 10% in January!). The Bond Vigilantes have been nearly neutered by The Fed.

And: The Fed made $1 Trillion in de facto loans to the ECB and tacitly admitted QE3 is on the way (of course, it is already here).

European Banks have borrowed $3.2 Trillion and want $1 Trillion more. And via the LTRO the Eurozone has injected hundreds of billions of Euros more into the Financial System and will add a second Tranche (likely $800 billion) at the end of Feb, 2012.

Clearly the Mega-Banker-Political Cartel has chosen to cram the system with Money and Credit to keep the Banks, especially, and Key (but not all) Markets, afloat (and to avoid, but only for a few months, the Market Crash which would otherwise surely have occurred) until… after…

…French elections this Spring

…German elections this Spring

…U.S. elections this Fall

Indeed U.S. Elections are 9 months from now.

And that “Cramming” is the Key to the next 9 months’ Market Performance.

Of course all this Cramming will be (and already is) increasingly hyperinflationary.

Who is buying all the gold?

The long-term fundamentals keep improving. Chinese gold demand for 2011 has soared to 891 tonnes. Indian gold demand for 2011 was 868 tonnes. Keep in mind that 2011 gold production was approximately 2,700 tonnes. Total gold supply is gold production plus gold scrap plus western central banks sneaking gold into the market. The vast majority of gold supply is from gold production. So, and India together purchased 1,759 tonnes of gold out of production of 2,700 tonnes.

In reading Ranting Andy Hoffman’s afternoon blog, I see that we both feature many of the same videos and articles.  Well, it makes sense because we do not discuss what we are writing with each other and we both focus on the most important stories.  Obviously, we see things much in the same manner.  Our styles are different, but not our views on the problems, the causes and the solutions.