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Do you remember the first time someone told you that the price of Gold was manipulated?  You might have have thought anything from “NO WAY” to “I knew something was not right, that explains it” or anything in between.  We know for a fact that stock prices are manipulated as the “working group on financial markets” has been around since 1988 and “protected us against plunges” time after time.  We also know that oil prices are manipulated as OPEC routinely makes supply statements to “adjust prices” and several U.S. Presidents have either threatened to, or actually released reserves from the SPR to lower prices.  We know that interest rates are actually “set” by the Fed, Bank of England, the ECB etc., and now we come to find out that the LIBOR rate has been manipulated by a cabal of Banks.

Yet, still today there are public figures that scoff, scrunch their faces, jump up and down and howl insults at anyone who suggests that Gold is manipulated.  Before I go any further, I do want to point out that for the Dollar and all of the other fiat currencies, Gold is like “sunlight” is to a vampire.  There are many “reasons” that the masters of the universe would want to manipulate stocks, bonds, commodities, economic data etc. etc., …but rather than “many”, there is EVERY reason in the world for them to manipulate (read, SUPPRESS) the price of Gold.  There is EVERY reason in the world because Gold is THE direct competitor to fiat money as it is THE time tested alternative to fiat.  This logic is more simple than 2+2, there is every reason for governments (and their henchmen) to manipulate Gold, there are piles upon piles of anecdotal evidence that Gold itself is manipulated and proof positive that virtually everything else financial is manipulated.  So…therefore…the Armstrong’s, Nadler’s, Christian’s, Gartman’s and the rest of the non logical, (or non truthful) goat heads of the world conclude that Gold (and Silver) are THE ONLY assets that (please read this with a pompous ass’ voice) the governments would never ever ever manipulate Gold and anyone believing such tin foil hat conspiracy theory is…( __________ ) you can fill in the blank if you wish.

That said, it seems like a whole bunch of the dirt and fraud is finally starting to float to the surface where the public can see it.  Not only that, we are beginning to hear the rumblings of “pointing fingers”.  It is rumored that Barclay’s CEO Bob Diamond has resigned and has threatened to point fingers and air all sorts of dirty laundry if he is personally taken to task for his role in the LIBOR fraud.  Ratings agencies were allegedly pressured by Morgan Stanley and others to rate deals as investment grade when they were not.  I could go on and on with mortgage-gate, robo signing, and other frauds from A-Z, the point is, it’s ALL a fraud!  EVERYTHING financial!  EVERYTHING political, EVERYTHING!

Which leads me back to the topic of “why” Gold is being reintroduced into the system by the BIS.  I honestly believe that Gold is being “re monetized” to combat the obvious fraud everywhere.  Gold is “honest money” and as such also keeps politicians “honest” because they cannot spend (give away) what they don’t have.  Maybe I am wrong, but the BIS is the “central bank’s central bank” and I believe that they absolutely know that the entire system is coming down.  If they want to retain “power” over the system in the aftermath, they had better have a “plan” ahead of time for when it does.  No plan?  Can you say Mad Max world?  I believe the “plan” is to bring Gold back into the system, revalue it and then back currencies on some percentage basis.  The printing presses will be “slowed” to the accumulation rate of Gold reserves and the politicians will finally be “neutered”.  I have good reason to believe that a “deal” or “plan” has already been made, the BIS reintroducing Gold to the banking system is merely preparation for it’s implementation.  Like I said, maybe I am wrong but something REALLY REALLY big is brewing behind the scenes, Gold being re monetized into the system can in no possible way be a negative.

I said yesterday that I believed the “bottom is in” for Gold and thus the “top” for the Dollar.  Gold has been unnaturally pressured downward since Feb. 28th when I wrote that a “breakout” looked likely.  A breakout in fact was “likely” at the time but the “manipulators” can read charts as well as I can.  They now have a VERY big problem, one of their own making.  Gold, Silver and the mining shares are incredibly compressed or “coiled” at a time where the “seasonal’s” begin to turn up, the frauds and insolvencies are coming to the surface on a daily basis AND the “central bank’s central bank” is bringing Gold back INTO the system.  What I am saying is that contrary to the current sentiment in the precious metals, (as bad as I can ever personally remember) I believe we are set up for the beginning of the 3rd, final, shortest and by far the sharpest leg upward.  If I am correct about the motives of the BIS bringing Gold back into the system, we will one day soon see a weekend where your fortunes will be “reset”.  We will see, but I feel the wind is now at our backs and the Mickey Mouse paper games are just about over.

I wish you all a Happy 4th of July, please remember what exactly it is that we are celebrating