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Today’s outcome in gold was all but pre-ordained.  The gold cartel made sure that gold was held below $1,200 so 18,000 options would expire out-of-the-money. Once again, the cartel sent the mindless traders and speculators home empty handed.

Einstein defines “insane” as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  The mindless computers that make the trades for the “Specs” never learn.

It is now 7:10 A.M. on Wednesday and surprise, surprise, gold is $1,213.50.  We have been telling you exactly what would happen ever since the Cartel engineered their phony take-down with gold around $1,250.  We told you it would happen and we told you not to worry.

The gold Cartel reminds me of my father’s Cockatiel – it opens its beak, in a threatening fashion, flaps its wings wildly and tries to intimidate you.  It’s all just a big charade.  The way the Options Expiry game is played, you will have another half a dozen chances to buy more gold, on the cheap, right before the Options Expiry date, between now and the end of the year. You see, we are not “insane” and we know the drill and we do not expect different results.  With each new engineered Cartel “raid” on gold, prior to an Expiry Date, we will be willing buyers because we know how low the price will go and even more importantly, that the “fox in charge of the hen house,” the CFTC, will sit back and allow this theft to go unpunished.

The gold Cartel’s mission is to make money, and that they do.  They are allowed to steal in the open because their manipulation serves the goals of the Fed and the Treasury.  By holding gold down, it mutes the truth of a currency in decay.  They are like dad’s Cockatiel – making a ruckus and a mess but it’s all nothing but noise without substance.

If you have been reading our newsletter, you have been better informed than most.  We have made a lot of money by “following our own advice.”  We hope you have too.  Our crystal ball tells us that gold to about to resume its assault on $1,300, $1,500 and $1,650 by next winter.  It’s crazy, but gold is still powering ahead in the decade-long Great Bull Market, that very few Americans are willing to acknowledge.

Given two choices – to sell your gold because “it’s at an all-time-high,” or buy gold from us because the big gains lie ahead – only the well-informed few are doing the “Sane” thing.

Got gold?