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This week is a futures expiry for the April contract week.  That usually means the price of gold and silver will be taken down so the issuers of the futures and options can keep the premiums they took in.

Ed Steer discussed this and wrote the following:

Silver Vault for 600 Tonnes Starting in Singapore on Investor Demand – www.caseyresearch.com

March 25, 2014

Ed Steer

We have options and futures expiry for the April contract this week—and every trader, both large and small, has to roll, sell, or stand for delivery before the Comex closes on Friday.  Without doubt, I’m sure that “da boyz” would want to arrange for gold to be well below it’s 50 and 200 day moving averages by Thursday at the latest.  We’ll soon find out if that’s in the cards or not.  Here are the 6-month charts for both gold and silver.

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Here is an interesting commentary from Jim Sinclair.  Jim is staying the course – QE will ramp up as soon as Yellen realizes the economy is not in recovery mode.  Gold is the asset of choice with this policy firmly in place.

Chair Yellen To Get A Shock Of A Lifetime In The Next Few Months – www.jsmineset.com

Posted March 24th, 2014 at 11:49 AM (CST) by Jim Sinclair

My Dear Friends,

Chair Yellen has placed herself between the rock of recession and the hard place of playing the hawk. A global recession cannot produce an isolated USA, but rather underscore the heart of the recent US economic figures as a reflection of an insular American economy following the world back into recession, not entirely extremely cold weather related. You might note that China has not had as much of a weather problem yet and is experiencing degrees of contraction in the spectacular rate of growth previously present.

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In the Featured Articles Section below, check out the article by Silver Saver.  They do a fine job of explaining what your tax rate may be when you decide to sell your gold and silver.  Many of our readers are confused on this issue.  Miles Franklin is not giving you tax advice.  I am simply sharing something you may wish to share the information with your accountant.

The article on Netanyahu’s recent decision to fund an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities signals that Israel is willing to go in alone, without help from the U.S., which seems the only remaining choice, in their view.  This is the “new” America.  We abandon our allies and support the extremists – throughout the Middle East.  Something tells me that this will not end well.  Stay informed on this issue – the global repercussions will be big.