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Most of my friends think I am crazy for my strong belief in gold, silver, and platinum.   Perhaps they are right, but I’d like to think that I just see things “outside the box.”  Their skepticism toward gold and silver and blindness to its rising price makes me mad.  How can they be so out of touch with reality? They are unwilling to “listen” to what the market is telling them about gold, and they are unwilling to accept the fact that the stock market and real estate market are yesterday’s news.  They think that gold over $1,200 an ounce is too expensive, but they never question if a Dow selling for more than 10,000 and trading at nearly 25 times earnings is grossly overpriced.

I am sorry to say that they will eventually figure it out, but for many of them, it will be too late.  A few of my friends have begun to notice that their living expenses are going up and a couple of them have lost their jobs and are about to lose their homes.  For the first time, some  of them are starting to realize that their children will have a hard time achieving “the good life” that they had when they grew up.  A college degree is no longer a guaranty of a good job!  Could it be that the reason they discredit gold is because it gives them hope by clinging to the belief that things will improve?  Perhaps, but the only way to win in this game is to be proactive and not reactive.  Do yourself a favor and tune out the noise, like I do, and trust your gut, and get longer gold!