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As I mentioned yesterday I am currently in Sonoma, California on vacation. My wife’s first cousin owns an incredible 5-acre vineyard estate. With all of the wine I can drink and plenty of sunshine, it shouldn’t be hard to have a relaxing week. Right?
Did I mention that I am traveling with my wife and 3 kids, my mother-in-law and her sister? That I am writing the newsletter while at the same time receiving a mountain of emails, phone calls and text messages? All this, as the markets explode in the wake of the US debt downgrade. I love relaxing vacations!

With that being said, today I was asked how high I think gold and silver will go before it’s over.   I answered that I wasn’t sure where the bull market in metals, and dollar bear market will ultimately end, but that maybe the better question to be asked is, “How bad can things get?”

This is why owning gold and silver has never been more important!

Gold and silver are pure wealth, and they are money that has no counter-party liability.  History has shown us that in time ALL paper money loses value until finally it becomes worthless. Those who bad mouth gold don’t seem capable of understanding this, or that gold has outlasted every fiat currency that has ever been.  Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat its mistakes. And those who save in dollars are destined to go broke!  Got gold?