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Forbes magazine just came out with an article reporting “Signs of the Gold standard are emerging from Germany.”  Jenns Wedemann, president of the Bundesbank gave a speech last week warning of the follies of fiat money and the virtues of Gold as a monetary foundation.  That very same day, Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest, came out with a paper on the same subject.  It is important to understand the timing and the venue.  These were reported on by Forbes, a mainstream U.S. and global publication, the speech and paper were from Germany’s largest bank and the central bank.  This was not put forth by some tin foil hat wearing hack like myself, no this was done “officially” and should be ignored only at your own risk.

You must ask yourself “why”.  Why has Germany asked for an audit of their Gold held in New York?  Why does China continually purchase Gold from the rest of the world while mining new Gold which stays put within their borders?  Why has Russia been accumulating Gold.  Why are Russia, China, Brazil, India and others even including Mexico doing trade deals that specifically EXCLUDE the use of Dollars for settlement? Why, why, why?

The answers to all of these questions are basically the same and pretty obvious to boot.  The “world” knows…they know that the Dollar is becoming more unstable and less valuable as every day passes.  In fact, I believe that a “deal” has already been done.  I believe that right around the time that QE 1 was hatched and announced, the “wheels” were set in motion.  These countries understand (understood) that at some point the grand monetary Ponzi scheme would end and end very badly.  They did not “pull the plug” immediately because they wanted to exchange some of their “reserves” that they had and accumulate more Gold reserves.  It has been in their best interests to do this because they have been able to accumulate artificially cheap Gold with the aid of the U.S. and UK suppressing prices to prolong the game.  Time, price and supply has been provided by the core of the West, the world has taken advantage of it.

Now, many European nations, Britain and the U.S. are financially untenable business models and the “plug” is ready to be pulled.  Now, the “Swiss stair step” action in Gold is ready for a markup.  The “markup” phase will benefit the rest of the world as far as trade is concerned.  This markup phase could be the absolute death knell for the US and it’s fiat allies as trade settlement may just require real money.

You must understand “what” this is.  This is a war that is about to begin, a financial war.  For years, the U.S. and Britain (Canada and Australia) have divested Gold onto the market to prolong their financial world dominance.  I believe that this talk of a Gold standard which was done at a very high level and public fashion may very well be the opening salvo of WWIII.  I have maintained all along that a “markup” in the price of Gold was the only way to fix and reliquary various central banks.  Once this first markup takes place, “show me the Gold” will come about.

The U.S. “supposedly” has over 8,000 tons, the world will want some sort of evidence of this.

The U.S. knows all of this.  They also know that when a sovereign bankruptcy occurs, rarely if ever does it happen peacefully.  This is the reason for all of the recent executive orders and new NDAA laws.  They have been put in place anticipating what they know is about to happen.  My only suggestion to you is that since you are also aware of this, PREPARE FOR IT!  Do not wait until CNBC or network news tells you “it’s on”, prepare now!  Do it now, do it quietly and do it peacefully without fighting the crowds to do it.

The following is not intended to “blow our own horn”.  The “tin foil hat society” has been right.  We have been correct, and correct for the correct reasons.  You have had smoke blown up your butts since the late 90’s with the internet fiasco.  You have been lied to, misled and treated like morons all along the way.  Please, heed this advice now.  There is no way that those who have called this thing correctly all along will now suddenly be wrong.  Don’t “hope” that the smokeblowers will be right, they won’t be and they do not have your best interests at heart anyway.  THINK for yourselves now because it will very soon be “every man for himself”!