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Monday morning, following a relatively quiet news weekend – aside from the historic resignation of Italy’s Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. I know the title of this RANT is riveting (yes, there is an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO at the end), but I need to get through the dirty laundry list of “horrible headlines” first.

Berlusconi RESIGNS

Of course, European head of state resignations are now commonplace, with Greece last weekend, Italy this weekend, and I’m going to take a guess….SPAIN very soon…

Spanish Bond Yields Pass 6% For First Time Since August

Hats off to the PPT for rallying the Dow nearly 400 points Thursday and Friday, erasing Wednesday’s losses despite NOTHING changing for the better, ANYWHERE. The PPT’s PRIMARY job is convincing the media, and hence the masses, that ALL incremental news events are viewed as “materially positive.” In other words, that the resulting political change in Italy following Wednesday’s bond collapse should be interpreted as resolving the nation’s financial woes.

In the “good old days” of a decade ago, when the PPT had not yet understood (or required) the awesome power it has now, fundamental and technical factors would likely have caused a European market crash Thursday and Friday. But today, a few billion of PPT stock futures purchases, a rigged Italian bond auction (as exhibited in Friday’s RANT, and repeated below), and voila…a sixth sigma stock rally – at least in terms of performance relative to what WOULD have occurred in a freely-traded market.

Italy’s bill auction REEKS of ILLEGAL ECB Intervention

Yes, Thursday morning’s Italian bond auction was a complete sham, exceeded in criminality (it is ILLEGAL for the ECB to participate in primary auctions) only by today’s, which STILL couldn’t prevent Italian bonds from spiking anew…

Italian yields SPIKE following WEAK 5-year bond auction, ECB intervenes AGAIN

Only MINUTES after the “quiet weekend” ended, CHAOS re-emerged in Europe, with sovereign bond yields and spreads gyrating wildly amidst the aforementioned intervention and statements from key European figures vehemently SUPPORTING intervention…

99% DEMAND ECB bond purchases

…and EVEN MORE vehemently DENYING it.

EURJPY Falters As ECB’s Weidmann Suggests Savior Of Last Resort Won’t Be There

By the way, remember two weeks ago, when the ECB announced the EFSF would be “leveraged” to roughly €1 Trillion with investments from other nations? Yes, the plan was to raise a measly €5 Billion of EFSF bonds to get momentum rolling and inspire these mystery nations to invest the other €995 Billion. Only problem, they had to pull the deal entirely due to lack of demand.

Apparently, last week a measly €3 billion EFSF bond issue was sold to support the Irish bailout fund, which I wasn’t even aware of until this morning. A small deal, but better than none, I guess. Of course, we learned today that just €2.7 billion of the issue was actually sold, with the ECB actually buying the remaining €0.3 billion!

EFSF Found to Monetize ITSELF!

Yes, I’m sure they’ll raise €1 TRILLION, even though we all know even that amount wouldn’t make a dent…

1 Trillion EFSF not a bazooka, but a PEASHOOTER

…especially when EFSF bonds are already trading as if already downgraded from their “projected” AAA perch, before they even commenced issuance!

EFSF Bonds trading as if France already DOWNGRADED

Speaking of intervention, it should be clear by now why I spend so much time writing about it each day.

Government intervention has DESTROYED THE WORLD, literally taking over all financial markets. Not only does it ULTIMATELY fail, pushing problems further into the future and making them WORSE, but the HALF-LIVES of such interventions are getting shorter and shorter, as in Italy…

ECB Intervention Update: Steamrolled

Unicredit reports MASSIVE €10.6 billion loss, will raise €7.5 billion


…the U.S. Housing market…

Fannie Mae $7.8 BILLION LOSS

More than 50% of U.S. homeowners are UNDERWATER

…the U.S. banking system…

Bank of America DESPERATELY does not need cash, but will TAKE IT

…and China, where a potentially catastrophic trade war is being instigated by its largest CREDITOR, the gold old U.S. of A…

China pens EPIC ANTI-US TIRADE, bashes America as SOURCE of ALL global financial ills

Moreover, per the CHAOS noted above, the intervention is more of a WAR among participants than a cohesive effort for the common good. On one hand, you have the IMF, supposedly an ally of the European effort to maintain unity, making it more difficult for the ECB/EFSF to raise money by saying the world is collapsing into recession…

Zero Hedge – IMF warns of world RECESSION

…on the other hand, you have the ECB “starving out” un-favored nations and “enemies” such as Silvio Berlusconi by raising and cutting intervention rates to achieve political ends. Just look what happened to the stock and credit markets when the ECB cut its sovereign debt purchases early last week for the purpose of scaring Berlusconi out…

ECB cut debt purchases, per OPERATION KICK SILVIO OUT

…supposedly “allied” Central Banks plotting to DESTROY each other, led of course by, once again, the good ol’ U.S. of A…

King World – Jim Rickards – U.S. won’t give Germany its GOLD

…and, of course, companies actually looking to MAKE MONEY (or at least avoid bankruptcy) by aggressively selling into every ECB intervention…

“Sold to you” – European banks DUMPING Italian sovereign debt

No matter how much intervention occurs in the stock, bond, currency, commodity, and gold markets occurs, the result will be the same.

There is simply too much debt to overcome…

World Drowning in DEBT, Europe laces concrete boots

…too high deficits to overcome…

NIA Newsletter, Economic Update November 14, 2011

…too much political FRAUD (this news story will make you SICK TO YOUR STOMACH)…

Congressmen – Trading in INSIDER TRADING – 60 Minutes

…too much government FRAUD, particularly as relates to Precious Metals investments…


…and too much political infighting.

The END GAME is the same in ALL SCENARIOS, collapsing global economic activity and currencies, political turmoil, and EXPONENTIALLY higher PHYSICAL gold and silver prices

Where will $1.5 Trillion come from – DEADLINE LOOMS for Supercommittee

Finally, on to the main event! I had hoped to get to it sooner, but there are simply an unending series of “horrible headlines” which I feel necessary to bring to your attention.

The title of this RANT refers to the horror show going on in Italy…no, not the debt collapse and inevitable HYPERINFLATION, but the manner in which the MOST EVEIL CORPORATION IN U.S. HISTORY has commandeered this formerly proud nation, right under its nose. Just two weeks ago, amidst all-out political and economic collapse, somehow the ECB leadership was handed over to Mario Draghi of ITALY, as opposed to the logical choice, essentially ANYONE from Germany.

Draghi’s most recent accomplishment was to run Italy into the ground, and before that working at none other than GOLDMAN SACHS! Yes, the same Goldman Sachs that has essentially been BANNED from Europe due to its role in not only creating off balance sheet swaps that masked Greek debt…

How GOLDMAN SACHS helped Greece to MASK its true DEBT

….but followed up that CRIMINAL advice by SHORTING these bonds!

How GOLDMAN SACHS shorted Greek debt after it arranged those shady swaps

Yes, an executive of the MOST HATED firm in EUROPE, from the MOST INSOLVENT nation in EUROPE, managed to wrest control from the Germans two weeks ago, leaving millions round the world asking how?

GOLDMAN’S man Mario Draghi INSTEAD of former Bundesbank President, WHY?

Not only that, the NEW Prime Minister of Italy, elected yesterday, is ALSO from GOLDMAN SACHS!

Goldman Sachs International Advisor Mario Monti Is Italy’s New Prime Minister

Yes, Goldman Sachs has now taken over the European government, in addition to the American government…

Top Contributors to BARRACK OBAMA, 2008

..and are hell-bent on DESTROYING it through either political infighting or plain old HYPERINFLATION…

Super Mario (Draghi) Enters With A Bang: ECB Cuts Rate By 25 bps To 1.25%

However, for every ounce of effort Goldman Sachs puts into taking over, and subsequently destroying, the world, RANTING ANDY will be countering by spreading the words of TRUTH, JUSTICE, and PROTECTION. Now that I have found my rightful home at Miles Franklin, I will work tirelessly to educate all who will listen to what is REALLY happening in the world.

Per that introduction, I was interviewed late last week by the fantastic team at Future Money Trends, in a 33-minute video espousing all the main themes of my beliefs. Here is a link to the video, and I welcome ANY AND ALL comments and questions you might have about it.

The Gold Cartel End Game - FutureMoneyTrends.com Interviews Andy Hoffman
The Gold Cartel End Game – FutureMoneyTrends.com Interviews Andy Hoffman