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Being an investor these days is not easy. In fact, it’s a frustrating and difficult task.  Much like the average Japanese investor’s view of stocks and their Nikkei over the last 2 decades, interest in stocks in this country will eventually fade. And, as the US public opens their eyes to our mounting and unpayable debt, I think there will be increasing interest in gold and silver.  Over time, as the Fed continues to weaken our ounce mighty dollar through quantitative easing, interest rates will have to rise. The weakening dollar will be forced to offer higher interest rates, or our foreign creditors will stop buying our debt. Like California, will the entire US lose its AAA-rated risk status? Will the US dollar lose its world reserve status?  Sadly, my guess is that both will happen, and along the way all currencies will become distrusted.  It is also my guess that at some point along the way, the mainstream will find themselves panicking to get some gold, finally realizing gold’s 5000+ year function as a store of value. This is why you hold gold for the long run. What happens to gold today or tomorrow is not important, it’s the long-term that is important.  But, if you are reading this, you probably already know that.  So tell someone you care about to call me and get longer gold!