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There has always been a debate about the “why” of “how” people turn out.  In the 1983 movie Trading Places, Randolph and Mortimer Duke bet each other as to whether “good and bad” are natural traits or whether people are products of their environment.  I believe both are correct and have at least some bearing on how people end up as either “good or bad.”

While conceding that people are born with a good heart, a black heart or somewhere in between I’d like to talk about “upbringing.”  I believe that a basically good person can be taught to become a liar, a thief or a murderer.  A naturally “bad” person on the other hand can be taught (though this is far more difficult) to be a better person.  Obviously the time to best “form” a personality is during childhood.  There are good parents and bad parents, kids will tend (obviously not always though) to follow in their parents footsteps and value system or “beliefs.”  Stay with me, I am heading somewhere with this.

The world turns with both “good and bad” but society survives because there is a “rule of law.”  No society can exist without a rule of law as chaos would rule the day without it.  There needs to be a rule of law, enforcement of the law and consequences for breaking the law.  Briefly, the rule of law is now breaking down in the U.S.  Assets are routinely hypothecated (lent out or borrowed against 10 times over), the elite routinely avoid the law because they know people in high government positions who either shield them, look the other way or even change the laws for them.  We have seen example after example over the last 10 years where fraud, theft, abuse of power, blind oversight and “rule changes” have aided the elite and harmed the average citizen either individually or collectively.

OK, this is what I’d like to say.  “Governments” are just as important as “parents” are when it comes to “setting an example.”  The more crooked a government is…the more crooked their society will be.  Conversely, the more honest a government is…generally speaking the more honest that society will be.  The “example” that we have witnessed here in the U.S. over the last couple of weeks (in reality, many years now) is atrocious to put it mildly.  The Constitution is being ignored in so many different ways, corners cut, laws ignored, laws jammed through Congress without even being read, courts making judgments that even 5 years olds know are unjust etc.

My point is this; the population is going to follow the lead example of government.  Unless we see an outrage from the citizenship over what has been uncovered over the last couple of weeks, forget about everything.  Forget about your bank accounts, portfolios, IRAs, Social Security checks or even checks of any kind.  Forget about the dollar bills in your pocket; forget about everything…everything will be worth nothing.  No, this is not over dramatization, this is just the truth.  The truth being that our entire civilization has been built on laws; it was built on trust and cruised along on nothing more than “confidence” for many years.  This “confidence” has been thrown away by actions behind the scenes which are now public knowledge.  Yes I know, the “sheeple” still sleep and probably will not do anything other than mutter under their breath.

HOWEVER…foreigners are watching.  They are watching intensely and surely cannot be “confident” in what they are seeing.  We were the capital destination of the world…because people trusted us, they will no longer trust us going forward and they will vote with their pocketbooks.  Just as any “stock” gets sold off and into the dirt when any company is caught cooking their books or lying, the dollar will be sold by foreigners into oblivion.  We have no one to blame other than ourselves.  We watched, we slept, we remained silent while corruption ran rampant and now we all will face a decline in the standard of living unlike ever before.

It’s truly sad to see what has happened and even sadder that most people still don’t (or don’t want to) see it.  If “anything goes” when it comes to governance, society won’t be far behind.  We now take for granted so many “dirty things” and “wrongs” that only 10 or 20 years ago would have shaken the country to its core.  It is almost as if NOTHING, no matter how obvious or how egregious will wake people from their slumber.

I had written the above on Saturday and planned to edit and finish today, Sunday.  Since writing the above, Edward Snowden has come forward as the NSA whistleblower.Will this wake anyone up?  Will it be as easy in the future for the crooked status quo to point fingers and bandy about the term “conspiracy theorist?” Our country has strayed so far from where The Constitution and our founding fathers had intended.  Will the people rally around “right” or allow the wrong path to continue without question?

So many different yet completely connected things seem to be coming to a head at the same time.  Financially, politically, and socially we will certainly see upheaval that will make history.  It really seems like here and now we have reached the fork in the road where not just as a country’s future but the entire globe’s future hangs in the balance.  I truly hope that this will serve to be the “Paul Revere moment” that is oh so needed because “truth” has really struggled over past few years.