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My gosh, what has the United States become?  Seemingly, each week a new crisis emerges due to government ineptitude; whilst the sheeple cluelessly text on no-money down iPhones; watch reality TV; and await entitlement checks from a bankrupt postal service funded by a bankrupt Treasury.

Sadly, freedom no longer exists in the “Land of the Free”; nor does bravery in the “Home of the Brave.”  And regarding the latter, I’m not speaking of the soldiers that put their lives on their line overseas, but a zeitgeist emanating as little care for the welfare of the homeland as the foreign nations we routinely invade.  Three hundred million people have allowed a handful of corrupt politicians to destroy not only their wallets, but souls; as each day, government actions remind us more of the despotic regimes we spent our childhoods reading about.

On Tuesday, October 1st, the latest “crisis” takes center stage, as the annual Congressional blackmail regarding a useless budgetary process – that hasn’t produced a budget in five years – reaches its climax.  In other words, the minority party threatens the majority of “government shutdown” unless it gets its way.  In this case, House Republicans are playing their “Obamacare Card” for a ridiculous 43rd time; threatening to not approve another trillion dollar-plus MONEY PRINTING spree unless Obamacare is defunded or repealed.

Highlighting the breakdown of American government, Senator Ted Cruz (unsuccessfully) filibustered Obamacare – sorry, the Affordable Healthcare Act – for a ridiculous 18 hours; holding up budgetary discussions that could leave millions jobless if not resolved – so he could read Green Eggs and Ham to a roomful of elected representatives.  Nancy Pelosi had the nerve to call House Republicans “legislative arsonists”; when as Speaker of the House, she led the Democrats’ efforts to get their way via similarly shady procedural tricks.

Of course, the House Republicans will eventually relent; as it’s nothing but a “PR stunt” in their relentless pursuit of taking the Senate back in 2014; and don’t forget, if the government gets shut down, Congressmen and Senators don’t get paid.  Frankly, I’d rate the Republicans’ odds of retaking the Senate at slim to none at the moment; although obviously a lot can change in a year.  As I recently wrote; of the few remaining people that still vote, their principal motivation has morphed from national improvement to personal survival.  And thus, no matter how idealistic Republicans may be, a platform of reducing entitlement spending is a sure loser in a dying America.

The urge for Democrats and Republicans to denigrate each other – rather than improve the nation – has reached an ALL-TIME HIGH; not surprisingly, as America’s political, economic, and social outlooks have reached ALL-TIME LOWS – not to mention, Congress’ approval rating.  The unmitigated hatred emanating from both sides of the aisle can be felt the world round – symbolic of just how far we have fallen.

In my mind, the U.S. government – in terms of its Constitutionally-mandated role – “shut down” years ago; which is why you must act NOW to protect yourself from its inevitable mutation to the type of “despotic regimes” described above.  Whether fascist, communist, totalitarian, or whatever the nom du jour of oppression is deemed, it’s COMING SOON to what was long considered the world’s most progressive nation.  The fact that its “reserve currency” has the further to fall of ALL the world’s fiat money only guarantees a draconian government bent on taking as many liberties as possible; and thus, it’s fortunate one can still purchase REAL MONEY at a heavily “subsidized” price.

When a new “spending deal” is announced this weekend – or Monday the latest – it will only ensure larger deficits that can only be funded by additional MONEY PRINTING and Fed MONETIZATION of the resulting Treasury Bonds issued; i.e., “Quantitative Easing.”  And if you think that spending is large, just wait until the “debt ceiling” is raised in roughly two weeks – by as little as $1 TRILLION, and as much as infinity.