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In case you wonder what Andy Schectman does after work, here is a picture, from Fox Sports Network, of Andy at last night’s Timberwolves game.  He’s the one with the baseball hat.  We owned courtside seats for over a decade, but gave them up several years ago when the team hit the skids.  But now that they’re playing better, Andy is back.  I watch the Wolves on the NBA package in my Miami home.


Miles Franklin’s Director of Marketing, Ranting Andy Hoffman, submitted the following: 

What Differentiates Miles Franklin

As noted above, the greatest future threat to PM purchasers will be supply shortages.  We already saw such conditions – to varying degrees – in October 2008, April 2011, and September 2011, but these snapshots in time were just preamble to the acute shortages we will see when the Cartel’s bonds are shortly broken down, ushering in the “Monetary Fear Factor” on a global basis.

Hopefully you will have PROTECTED YOURSELF by that time with purchases of PHYSICAL gold and silver, and if you are considering such, hopefully you will consider Miles Franklin to assist you in the process.


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