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Here are two wonderful charts, courtesy of Nick Laird.  Chart No. 1 shows how many ounces can be bought for $1,000 since 1718.

Chart No. 2 chronicles the dollar’s lost purchasing power, in percentage terms, during the same period.

Really, both charts show exactly the same thing, but in different terms.  Great work, Nick – we love your charts.

There is some excellent analysis on the cause of yesterday’s price drop in gold and silver from Ed Steer and Bill Murphy (LeMetropole Café).  Check it out.

Well, yesterday’s price action in New York should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that JPMorgan Chase and the rest of their Merry Men showed up in New York yesterday. Using my Ovaltine secret decoder ring…and holding the Kitco chart up at a 33 degree angle in polarized light, it was easy to spot the secret message inscribed in the silver chart. It said “Season’s Greetings to all. Up yours. Jamie…et al”

The only question to be answered is…how much more is left to go to the downside. The gold price took out its 200-day moving average by a whisker yesterday…but did not close below it. Silver still has a ways to go yet. But can they, or will they do more to the downside? I don’t know for sure, but suspect that the answer is yes.

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Gold was doing fine and dandy until The Gold Cartel traders went to work in London. The price was comfortably above that psychologically important $1700 mark, but the relentless cabal forces would have none of it … even though the outside markets were precious metals friendly again. As trading on the Comex kicked in, the DOW was called 50 higher, oil 50 cents higher, and the euro .0018 higher. But, gold was comatose, trading down to $1695 before briefly coming back.

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Palladium – I would wager that very few of you own any Palladium.  Well, perhaps it’s time that you buy some now.  There are two bullish articles on Palladium and another one on Platinum. The first article from Kitco News covers Palladium.  It is titled China Demand To Support Palladium Bull Run.  The second is also about Palladium and it’s from Money and Markets titled This ‘Rodney Dangerfield of Metals’ Deserves Your Respect.  The third, on Platinum, is from Jeff Clark at GoldStockWire.com. It was published in January 2012 and he calls it An Even Better Deal than Gold.

Our friend, and my personal stockbroker, Eric Angeli presents an alternative explanation on the manipulation of gold and silver.  It can be found in the Mail Box section in our full newsletter.  A worthwhile read.

Every day we publish our “Difference in Gold Price from 1 Year Before” chart in our e-mail newsletter.  Please note that gold is once again rocketing UP from where it stood, one year ago today.  God WILL FINISH THE YEAR HIGHER than last year, probably around $150/oz. higher.  That will be near the highpoint for the year.  That will make 12 years in a row, folks.  And the next several years will keep adding to the string of gains.  I believe that you can take Jim Sinclair’s $3,500 gold (absolute minimum) to the bank!  I really do.

Taking my suggestions since 2001 has worked out very well for my long-time readers. Over the next three or four years, I expect gold to at least double and silver to do better than gold. Platinum and Palladium could also outperform gold.

Diversify your portfolio between these four precious metals, starting first with gold.  I have found that the easiest way to grow your wealth is to direct most of your money into an ASSET CLASS that is in the early stage of a bull market (and precious metals have been in a bull market for over a decade and are still years away from peaking) and then to DIVERSIFY within THAT ASSET CLASS.  We can’t be sure which of the four precious metals will bring about the largest returns, but by owning some of each you will automatically own some of the right metal.  Try it.  You won’t regret it.