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Many years back – circa 2004, methinks – one of the financial industry’s greatest gurus broke down bear markets to their lowest denominator
In a depression, everybody loses. The winner is the guy who loses the least.
-Richard Russell
No truer words have been said, and as the GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE has expanded, I have taken them more to heart each day.  Simply put, PROTECTING ONESELF relates to preserving capital while everyone else’s dissolves – as ALL that matters is relative, NOT absolute wealth.  Of course, the fact that gold and silver prices have been so dramatically suppressed below their true equilibrium level actually ensures the “best of both worlds”  – as holders will actually expand their net worth simultaneous with the collapse of nearly all others.’

Since the turn of the century, I have advocated a defensive investment stance – and personally, have followed this advice “to a tee,” particularly since 2008’s Global Meltdown I.  As most readers know, my “TEN YEARS OF HEAVEN AND HELL” commenced in May 2002, when – assuming ongoing economic deterioration – I want “all-in” to the Precious Metals sector.  However, back then I was not CLOSE to as bearish as I am today – about stocks, the GLOBAL economic collapse, fiduciaries, government intervention, taxation, and a dozen other, highly relevant investment factors.

That’s why – starting in mid-2008 – I started selling mining stocks in lieu of PHYSICAL gold and silver, completing the trade in mid-2011, when I officially went 100% PHYSICAL.  By then, I fully understood that owning mining stocks was an offensive investment position, entailing myriad risks (not to mention, heightened Cartel shorting) – and thus, too speculative given my view of imminent FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON.  Moreover, I became much more defensive in ALL aspects of life – paying off debt, reducing spending, and preparing for the “worst-case” scenario; which, by the way, I now anticipate with a 90%+ degree of certainty.

In my view, the best way of handling one’s investments is like a fragile egg.  In other words, your ONLY consideration should be to avoid breaking it.  Don’t worry about it growing, or multiplying – instead, JUST DON’T BREAK IT.  All around you, you will hear the sounds of neighbors, colleagues, and strangers’ eggs breaking, but yours will remain intact.  And the only way to GUARANTEE that result is to not “invest,” but simply SAVE, PHYSICAL PRECIOUS METALS.


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