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When is the best time to buy gold and silver – when the economy is strong and growing and demand is pushing up prices (inflationary) or when the economy is weak and sinking and the Fed is printing more money to keep things afloat (QE)?  Take your pick.  Either scenario favors gold.  Rising prices comes from increasing demand and increasing the money supply, like the Fed has been doing on steroids for the last three years, and that debases the dollar (sooner or later, but it must happen).  It seems logical to me that no matter how things play out, you do need to have precious metals in your portfolio and not just a token amount.

Logic is on gold’s side, even if the MSM and most of the financial newsletter industries are negative.  No one can predict the short-term price moves, and there are still many black swans biding their time, but the fact remains that the fundamentals for gold are strong.

This is, after all, the time of the year when precious metals usually make their move.  The next six months are the “good” months for gold, and silver usually follows along.  Let’s see what happens if Congress is unable to find a settlement on the debt limit by Monday night.  That is another “Black Swan” wind behind gold’s sails.  I still think the fourth quarter will be very good for gold and silver.

Last minute comments:  It can be assumed that whenever there is “bad” news about to be released (government shutdown, as of tonight), gold WILL be taken down right before the announcement.  That way, when it rockets UP, after the news, it starts the move from a lower level.  This graph below shows it all.

24 Hour Spot Gold 9-30-13 922