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Time for another Manipulation Monday with Andrew Hoffman. Listen to Andy discuss:
– Plunging oil prices
– Shale is 15% of U.S. junk bond market – $210 billion
– Energy bonds in freefall
– Merger mania will paralyze big oil
– Plunging currencies worldwide
– Liquidity vaccuum caused by global economic collapse
– Record valuations of insolvent government bonds
– Chinese gold, Indian silver, U.S./Canadian silver demand will exceed 2013’s record levels in 2014
– Swiss “no” was second to last chance for West to try to save itself. This weekend, Japan snap election is second.
– Abe likely to win, as Yen amid 40% plunge, Japan CPI at multi-year highs, and massive recession.
– Household survey NEGATIVE jobs, “Labor Market Index” declined today
– Further decline in labor participation
– All jobs still retail, amidst worst retail environment in decades.
– All other data bad – from trade deficit, to (negative) factory orders, contracting credit, etc.
– The world round, where essentially everyone is in recession!
This interview was hosted by Financial Survival Network.