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Hey Now Andy –

Sorry haven’t written lately. Been slammed. Started doing some writing for the world’s best precious metals dealer. Moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico to get out of the nutty Chicago winters and take advantage of their unbelievable tax incentives from Act 20 and Act 22 (I’ll write about that soon). Here’s a view from my balcony:

Notice that sun going down…

It reminds me of the current stock market. A late stage bull.

Seems like it reminds Warren Buffet of the same. Here’s what he recently told Berkshire investors:

“In our search for new stand-alone businesses, the key qualities we seek are durable competitive strengths; able and high-grade management; good returns on the net tangible assets required to operate the business; opportunities for internal growth at attractive returns; and, finally, a sensible purchase price……That last requirement proved a barrier to virtually all deals we reviewed in 2017, as prices for decent, but far from spectacular, businesses hit an all-time high.”

So with over 116 billion in cash reserves, Buffet isn’t buying anything right now. He’s waiting for the blood in the streets.

It’s coming.

Now if you’ve been in cryptos and bitcoin for more than a year, a 30-50% correction doesn’t even register on your radar. But the newbies who recently got REKT have been melting down on their Facebook pages. So if you’re new to crypto or in the stock market, remember this adage:

“Take some profit on the way up so you’re not mentally flipping out on the way down.”

What I’ve been doing consistently is buying gold and silver with some of my crypto profits. In fact, the first article I wrote for the world’s best gold dealer, which you can read now, is titled:

THE GODL HODL: How To Buy Gold With Bitcoin

Although I think we have some more room to run in stocks, I’m cashing some chips in and buying bullion too.

A crypto like ride is coming.

Let’s get into it,

PS….Please help me out and tweet or share my article on your social media pages. You can find me on Twitter at the link below. I just recently got active. The San Juan mayor you see yelling on CNN all the time tweeted on one of my posts the other day and things almost got going. I have a feeling sparks are gonna fly soon 😉

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