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The historic journey down the rabbit hole of human depravity deepened further this weekend – to the point that, for the first time in my life, I see evidence of the moral depths the leaders of Rome, Germany, and essentially all other crumbling empires sunk to in their final days.  Never before have I witnessed such destruction of the masses – economically, politically, and otherwise; and never have the masses been so angry – at said “leaders,” and due to the alarmingly accelerating trend of scapegoating, “competing” masses the world round.  Let alone, as discussed in last week’s “global war has arrived” article, the unfettered hostility between said “leaders”– as they bite off their noses to spite their faces, by engaging in wanton acts of diplomatic, monetary, economic, and soon-to-be military warfare.

I mean, this weekend alone, we saw the PBOC finally devalue the Yuan above the key psychological level of 6.7/dollar – i.e., its lowest level since 2007.  As, now that the Yuan is safely inside the IMF’s strategic currency basket, the Chinese government prepares to launch the “ultimate financial big bang to end all big bangs”; i.e., the MASSIVE devaluation that re-writes global economic boundaries, taking the already seething “final currency war” thermonuclear.  Not that you’d find this “non-event” in the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media – which shortly, in my very, very strong opinion, will no longer exist.  Also, a 6% “flash crash” attack on the British Pound Friday, to a new 31-year low.  But don’t worry, the BrExit “wasn’t a big deal,” and there’s no way such monetary terrorism could have possibly been intentional.

Or Hillary Clinton blatantly accusing the Russians of hacking the DNC’s emails (uncovering her rank criminality in the process) – with the help of America’s oldest, “most respected” publication, Time Magazine, which just happens to be a major Clinton campaign donor; whilst America’s top general, Mark Milley, does his best Hermann Göring impression, in aggressively challenging Russia – and essentially, everyone else – to nuclear war.  In response, for those who don’t understand the terrifying gravity of the situation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said “it’s not just a rhetorical Russophobia, but aggressive steps that really hurt our national interests, and pose a threat to our security“; and consequently, “the Russian need to have nuclear arms for protection against US is a most negative and dangerous result of Washington’s influence on world stability.”  And last but not least, the the ominous result of yesterday’s Hungarian immigration referendum, in which 97% voted to close the nation’s borders, in direct contradiction to EU “dictat.”  Which is exactly what’s going to occur when “that BrExity feeling” – as discussed in Friday’s epic, 35-minute Audioblog – engulfs the world in the next 12 months, in every manner imaginable – starting with the U.S. election next month.

Last week, I wrote “was Goebbels right?,” about the lies that now permeate every aspect of global society; particularly, in the corporate, political, and Central banking spheres.  To that end, I wish I could rename last month’s article, “who are worse liars, Central bankers or politicians?” to add corporate CEOs like Jon Cryan of the soon-to-collapse Deutsche Bank.  Frankly, the news was so unbelievably bad for Deutsche Bank this weekend – revealing unprecedented, Lehman-like fraud; the terrifyingly thin veneer of its solvency; and the incredible lengths the powers-that-be are taking to add a few milliseconds to the timer of this loudly ticking financial fusion bomb.

To that end, consider the unfathomably ridiculous scenario in which DB stock was magically “saved” two weeks ago (if being barely above one’s all- time low can be considered saved) – of the “imminent” $5.6 billion DOJ settlement that was going to end all its troubles.  That is, before the government of Italy sued it for cooking the books, Greek style, of its own, soon-to-collapse Banca Monte Paschi, whilst U.S. regulators learned that DB had done the same exact thing for at least 30 other clients.  And oh yeah, escalation of the Precious Metals rigging lawsuit that made headlines earlier this year, which was ordered by a New York court last week to move forward.

Well, just as DB’s “Chief Risk Officer” – if ever there was an oxymoron, that’s it – gave an interview telling us the bank’s €46 trillion of derivatives exposure is no big deal, Cryan returned home from the U.S. with no deal with the Department of Justice – whilst simultaneously, we learned that in this summer’s faux ECB “stress tests” – in which, no bank other than Monte Paschi  performed worse – Deutsche Bank was given a “special waiver” to fraudulently boost its already horrifically weak capital ratio, in order to prevent it from flat out “failing.”  And oh yeah, in what has to be considered one of the most blatantly fraudulent acts of security fraud yet, DB sold $3 billion of new bonds this weekend to “private investors” (who wants to bet the ECB was one of them?) just before announcing its DOJ negotiation failure.  But don’t worry, all’s well – as in today’s 100% rigged markets, with the most important status-quo-preserving election ever to be won next month, these developments are decreed “good news.”  I mean, what’s next?  Rumors of a Warren Buffett bailout, like the fraudulent, covertly government backed Berkshire Hathaway bailouts of GE and Goldman Sachs in 2008?

And then there’s last night’s historic debate; in which, Donald Trump so thoroughly humiliated Hillary Clinton – including promising, if elected, to prosecute her for what amounts to treason – she could no longer even manage that dumb, mocking, painfully transparent smirk her pathetically inept campaign handlers have ordered her to make each time Trump speaks.  Frankly, it was impossible to count the lies she uttered during the 90-plus minutes of mortal verbal punishment Trump delivered, to the point that not only was she contradicting things she has said minutes earlier, but even the blatantly pro-Hillary moderators were starting to challenge her by night’s end.  Honestly, her performance was so weak – and frankly, pitiful –it made Dan Quayle’s epic 1988 failure look strong in comparison.

And yet, as was the case after the first debate last week, if you type “debate” into your browser, the equally pro-Hillary Google only posts articles from top anti-Trump propagandists – like “Politico,” whose headline blares “ugliest debate ever,” replete with a mean-spirited looking Trump photo; the New York Times – i.e., the toilet paper of record, and/or New York Slimes – asking “who won the debate – Donald Trump avoids annihilation”; CNN, asking “who won the town hall debate?”; and, I kid you not, the LA Times’ “final debate scorecard – Hillary wins!”

I mean, this was the ugliest, most one-sided “debate” I have ever seen, with Trump uncovering every hideous wart on Clinton’s resume – aside from the Clinton Foundation, which for some reason was ignored – whilst citing fact after fact about what’s wrong with America.  Conversely, the “best” Clinton could do was answer the audience’s mind-numbingly stupid questions with mindless platitudes, whilst stating every two seconds, without any substantiation, that Trump was lying.  And oh yeah, looking like a complete fool in trying to “trump up” the importance of a meaningless audio recording Trump made eleven years ago – as he countered with the realities her sexual predator of a husband was involved in; which she not only defended, but subsequently “followed up” by using her bully pulpit to threaten and humiliate the victims.

Frankly, I cannot await for him to deliver the knockout blow at next week’s final debate – moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, I might add – particularly if my hunch that the preponderance of new “October surprises” will be in his favor.  And, as we unequivocally learned last night, if the best Hillary’s filth-ridden campaign handlers can do is dredge up soundbites of private citizen Trump being crude – as opposed to First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State Clinton being criminal; and assume that the left-leaning MSM’s lies will have any impact on actual voting results; it’s going to backfire even more spectacularly than this week’s pathetic, Billy-Bush-recorded shenanigans.  Which, given my strong belief that the political, economic, financial market, and Precious Metals impact of a Trump victory – which more than ever, I believe will occur – will be “BrExit times ten,” portends one of the biggest Precious Metal uplegs in years, in the very near future.

To that end, I want to conclude with the weekend’s other big news – “Tyler Durden” published an article highlighting my work!  As background, when I started at Miles Franklin in October 2011 – five years ago next week – I was already an avid Zero Hedge reader, given its position as the undisputedly best financial alternative media website.  However, it angered me to no end that, despite their exquisite, extremely detailed coverage of essentially every financial fraud on the planet, they gave short shrift to Precious Metals manipulation.

I was shocked to see a Zero Hedge article this weekend, titled “there’s one very simple reason why Precious Metals were pummeled this week.” As, when I clicked on it, I realized it was an article by Mac Slavo of SHTFPlan.com, citing my Future Money Trends podcast last week, in which I suggested the principal reason for Tuesday’s “Deutsche Bank Destruction” Cartel raid was, as was the case with May 2011’s “Sunday Night Paper Silver Massacre,” because China was closed for a holiday.  In this case, all of last week, for the “Golden Week” holiday during which – per the fantastic charts Slavo produces – gold has been slammed in each of the past three years, only to rebound sharply as soon as the holiday ended in both 2014 and 2015.  Hopefully, this represents a material milestone in Zero Hedge’s increasingly vigilant pursuit of Precious Metal truth-telling; and with it, a strengthened alliance between “Tyler Durden,” myself, and anyone else describing the hideous gold and silver manipulation that has enabled the world’s largest, most destructive fiat currency Ponzi scheme to proliferate.

Fortunately, the very tail end of its hideous terminal phase is unquestionably upon us.  And when it blows – which at this point, a Trump Presidency and/or Deutsche Bank collapse appear the most likely near-term events to catalyze, it will be too late to protect yourself – as it is today, via the unprecedented “subsidy” the Cartel is giving the handful of global denizens with the funds, and access, to physical precious metals.  Which as usual, we hope you will give Miles Franklin the opportunity to sell or store for you, if you are so inclined.