Hillary Clinton The Next President, And Warren Buffett To Bail Out Deutsche Bank-Not!

The historic journey down the rabbit hole of human depravity deepened further this weekend – to the point that, for the first time in my life, I see evidence of the moral depths the leaders of Rome, Germany, and essentially all other crumbling empires sunk to in their final days.  Never before have I witnessed such destruction of the masses – economically, politically, and otherwise; and never have the masses been so angry – at said “leaders,” and due to the alarmingly accelerating trend of scapegoating, “competing” masses the world round.  Let alone, as discussed in last week’s “global war has arrived” article, the unfettered hostility between said “leaders”– as they bite off their noses to spite their faces, by engaging in wanton acts of diplomatic, monetary, economic, and soon-to-be military warfare. I mean, this weekend alone, we saw the PBOC finally devalue the Yuan above the key psychological level of 6.7/dollar – i.e., its lowest level since 2007.  As, now that the Yuan is safely inside the IMF’s strategic currency basket, the Chinese government prepares to launch the “ultimate financial big bang to end all big bangs”; i.e., the MASSIVE devaluation that re-writes global economic boundaries, taking the already seething “final currency war” thermonuclear.  Not that you’d find this “non-event” in the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media – which shortly, in my very, very strong opinion, will no longer exist.  Also, a 6% “flash crash” attack on the British Pound Friday, to a new 31-year low.  But don’t worry, the BrExit “wasn’t a big deal,” and there’s no way such monetary terrorism could have possibly been intentional. Or Hillary Clinton blatantly accusing the Russians of hacking the DNC’s emails (uncovering her rank criminality in the process) – with the help of America’s oldest, “most respected” publication, Time Magazine, which just happens to be a major Clinton campaign donor; whilst America’s top general, Mark Milley, does his best Hermann Göring impression, in aggressively challenging Russia – and essentially, everyone else – to nuclear war.  In response, for those who don’t understand the terrifying gravity of the situation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said “it’s not just a rhetorical Russophobia, but aggressive steps that really hurt our national interests, and pose a threat to our security“; and consequently, “the Russian need to have nuclear arms for protection against US is a most negative and dangerous result of Washington’s influence on world stability.”  And … Continue reading Hillary Clinton The Next President, And Warren Buffett To Bail Out Deutsche Bank-Not!