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It’s 1:30 AM MST on Friday, June 23rd; i.e., the most important day in global financial history. I only slept for two hours; from which, I was awoken by a client – for the first time in five years at Miles Franklin – wanting to buy gold NOW. The reason, of course, is that what I have vehemently predicted for weeks has come true, despite unrelenting propaganda otherwise. Not to mention, pervasive PM community belief that “they” won’t let it happen; because, as Josef Stalin once famously said, “it’s not who votes, but who counts the votes that matter.”

To wit, despite an historic market manipulation and propaganda effort; which frankly, put Switzerland’s pre-gold referendum antics of late 2014 to shame; the UK “leave” campaign headed by Nigel Farage – who for years, I have deemed the “Ron Paul of Europe” – defeated the powers-that-be supported “remain” campaign by four percentage points, showing the people do in fact have the ability to change things, when pushed far enough. Consequently, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has already announced his resignation – which will not only rock the global political community, but seal the fate of co-conspirator Barack Obama’s Democratic Party; likely, handing Donald Trump the Presidency before the debates even start.

The fact is, that we who have the cards, NOT the “powers that be”; as we hold real money, in a world where history’s largest, most destructive fiat currency Ponzi scheme is imploding. Thus, just like the dozens of historical attempts to suppress gold and silver – like the 1960s “London Gold Pool,” for instance – today’s “New York Gold Pool” is on death’s door. And with it, the control of our lives a handful of ruthless bankers and politicians have held for nearly 20 years. Or, more accurately, the 45 years since the Bretton Woods agreement was illegally dissolved. As it turns out, “Economic Mother Nature” is in fact unbeatable; as is the “unstoppable tsunami or reality.”

The emotions I’ve undergone since it hit me a few hours back that yes, the “leave” faction would indeed win are indescribable. And they will only intensify throughout the day, culminating with Andy Schectman and my MUST SEE “Q&A Rap Session” in Chicago tonight. As no matter how hard “they” fight – and fight they will, to their bitter end – I’m 100% sure the gold Cartel is on death’s door; particularly as they headed into tonight’s “surprise” Brexit victory with their highest ever COMEX naked short positions, in both gold and silver.

How fitting is it, that the nation that has played a part in more global conflicts – military, diplomatic, and otherwise; not to mention, the “headquarters” of history’s most destructive gold suppression scheme; and the “founder” of modern Central banking principles; is where the Western world’s unprecedentedly destructive, 15-year can-kicking campaign has hit the wall? No thanks to the city of London, I might add, which voted 78% to 22% to “remain”; likely, due to rich homeowners happy to have endless immigrants bid up the price of their “flats.” No, it was the rest of the United Kingdom that put the kibosh on the horrifyingly destructive European Union; aided, in part, by the “biblical” rains that plagued the most heavily “remain-concentrated” areas; as opposed to the uncharacteristically beautiful weather the rest of the realm experienced.

In the “shocking” referendum’s wake – which I last month deemed the “most important, and Precious Metal bullish – vote in history,” gold started what will likely be the most volatile market environment since 2008 by rocketing $100/oz higher, before being “Cartel-ized” back to $1,315/oz as I edit at 3:00 AM EST. Silver is up 3%, but other commodities are being annihilated – from copper, to crude oil, to anything else you can name. Japanese and European stock indices are down 5%-8%; and what’s this I see? Yes, the soon-to-be “Lehman of Europe,” Deutsche Bank, is down a whopping 13%, to nearly its all-time low.

Consequently, the Central bankers gathered at “Cartel Central” – i.e., the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland – are unquestionably getting ready to launch their “whatever it takes” responses before the U.S. markets open in a few hours. However, whatever they do will be too little, too late. And now that they have already exhausted essentially all their money-printing arsenals, all that’s left is the end game of hyperinflation. Which I assure you, they’ll initiate. For that matter, if they cannot bring things under some semblance of control by the end of today’s U.S. trading, get ready for countless “Sunday Night Special” announcements this weekend; perhaps even by the Federal Reserve, which may well cut rates – and launch QE4 – mere weeks after LOL, “threatening” to tighten policy. And if not now, than sometime later this year, when lame-duck Yellen is forced to do so – Presidential election and Obama “fiction peddling” propaganda notwithstanding, by crashing financial markets. To that end, the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield touched its all-time low of 1.45% a few hours ago – presaging the Fed’s inevitable joining of the global negative interest rate party; which LOL, Whirlybird Janet just three days ago told Congress it was “not considering” – whilst admitting it had looked into, and validated, the ‘legal precedence’ to go there if needed. Which I assure you, in their warped minds it will be.

However, by far the most violent market reaction – which ironically, the media will likely ignore (for now), in lieu of the more “sexy” stories regarding political issues and crashing stock markets – has been in the currency markets, which have not only resumed their historic collapse in earnest, but are freefalling as we speak. The British Pound, for example, plunged 10% from its pre-referendum highs, causing Pound-priced gold rose as much as 15% whilst everything from major currencies – like the soon-to-be-destroyed Euro; to dozens of “commodity currencies”; and the vaunted “BRICS”; have precipitously plunged, many to new all-time lows. Let alone, the dozens of third-world currencies that never had a chance to survive in the first place. Ironically, the only currency to surge against the dollar is the Yen; which, as I have espoused countless times before, is occurring because it has been used as the principal, manipulative tool of the “carry trade” that has destroyed global capital markets for the past 15+ years, despite unrelenting Bank of Japan efforts to destroy it. Which of course, will only cause the BOJ to go further into negative interest rate territory, keeping the “Land of the Setting Sun” on track to validate my long-standing prediction that it will be the first “first world” nation to experience 21st century hyperinflation.

As far as I can see, the only currencies rising are Precious Metals and Bitcoin, which I last month deemed the “twin destroyers of the fiat currency regime.” In fact, gold prices hit new all-time highs in numerous currencies tonight; including, for instance, the Australian dollar and Mexican Peso. Not to mention, it has surged to within a mere 7% of its all-time high in India, where the world’s largest gold-buying population will undoubtedly notice; and heck, within just 13% and 16%, respectively, of its its all-time high in Euros and British Pounds. And did anyone notice the five-plus year low of the Chinese Yuan tonight, causing gold – and Bitcoin – prices to surge there as well?

Yes, my friends, the END GAME has arrived; as the only things standing between the inevitable hyperinflation of all the world’s dying currencies is a few keystrokes from Central bank keyboards – which I assure you, will be executed imminently, if not immediately. For months, I have all but SCREAMED that it is not going to be possible to escape 2016 without a catastrophic financial market event. And guess what, it’s arrived – in the form of a “black swan” that was staring right at us, with plenty of warning. In its wake, I believe the end game of the European Union, too, has arrived; as already, the soon-to-be-President of France, Marine LePen, has called for a similar referendum in France; as has opposition party leader Geert Wilders in the Netherlands; likely, starting an avalanche of anti-EU, and anti-Euro sentiment that I not only predicted long ago, but specifically said would be catalyzed immediately if the “leave” faction won the day.

Ironically, it was just yesterday that the Fed claimed the 33 largest U.S. banks “passed” their latest stress tests – as we are about to see “stress” unlike anything seen since 2008. Only this time, Central banks won’t be able to “save” us; as per what I noted above, the only remaining tool they have is overt hyperinflation – which won’t be too difficult to “achieve,” as their cumulative credibility recently died. And thus, as we head into what will unquestionably be the ugliest financial crisis in decades – if not centuries – the odds of the “New York Gold Pool” surviving much longer are slim to none. To that end, it was just two weeks ago that I penned the “upcoming, historic silver shortage”; which, in the wake of the shortage “tremors” experienced in 2008, 2011, 2013, and 2015, will likely be the most debilitating yet. In other words, the inevitable split between the fraudulent – and soon-to-be-destroyed “paper” and soon-to-be-cash-and-carried physical markets – is rapidly approaching. And when it arrives – very possibly, by year’s end – if you haven’t already protected yourself, it will be too late; for you, and those you desire to insulate from the oncoming hyperinflationary explosion.

To that end, we hope that you will give Miles Franklin the opportunity to compete for any Precious Metal related activities you are considering – be they purchases, swaps, or storage. Now, more than ever, who you do business with – particularly in the unregulated bullion business – except, ironically, in our home state of Minnesota – will “matter,” as in reality, bullion dealers are decidedly not “commodities.” Miles Franklin has been in business for 27 years without a single registered complaint; and in my view, has earned the right to compete for your business. Our staff, on average, has approximately 25 years of industry experience, and will give you the personal touch you will desperately seek in such turbulent times. Feel free to call us anytime, at 800-822-8080; visit our website at www.milesfranklin.com; or of course, email me at [email protected]