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With each passing day, I am more convinced the “Big One” has commenced – although if you’re among the billions living in hundreds of countries where fiat toilet paper currencies have already collapsed, such a distinction isn’t so “debatable.”  In dollar-based terms, the global economy has back to 1965’s level – yes, 51 years ago; and this, without adjusting for inflation!  And whilst the “powers that be” desperately attempt to mask the rot with unprecedented market manipulation, “Economic Mother Nature” – not to mention, twin sisters “Political” and “Social” Mother Nature – are running roughshod over their pathetic attempts to paint an oasis in a hurricane; paint lipstick on a pig; or whatever related metaphor you employ.

More and more people are realizing this each day – but particularly in the alternative media, which is exploding in popularity as rapidly as it is growing in intelligence.  From my perch as a “founding father” of the anti-gold-Cartel movement – in which, the undisputed gods are Bill Murphy and Chris Powell, John Embry and “Admiral Sprott,” and a handful of others – I have never been more proud of our community’s” collective coalescence against the forces of financial evil that have wrought so much damage on ours, and future generations.  Remember, it is we who have the cards, and by simply holding physical gold and silver, you will be better positioned than 99% of the world’s population for what’s coming to the “first world,” but already arrived everywhere else.

Frankly, I’ve never been so horrified at what I read and see each day; and whilst more and more people are commentating on such issues, the vast majority remain clueless.  I mean, this week alone, the concept of a toxic, Orwellian mixture of an upcoming “cashless society,” featuring negative interest rates at essentially all financial institutions, turned into a worldwide media firestorm – and I assure you, it is coming soon to a country near you.  To that end, does it surprise you that, historic Cartel suppression notwithstanding, gold and silver have had two major, seemingly “unprovoked” surges in the past two weeks?  And I do mean historic suppression – such as the Cartel’s blatant suppression’s following last Thursday’s (the 11th’s) epic $50 gold surge…

…and yesterday’s (following Thursday’s “out of the blue” $40 surge, after “triple-bottoming” at the key round number of $1,200 per ounce), including painfully obvious “tails” in the ultra-thin NYSE “aftermarket…

This, whilst the PPT – yet again, as global stock markets plunged – sought to “stabilize” market perception with the same “dead ringer” algorithm it has deployed on the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average,” in some way, shape, or form, on roughly 90% of trading days for at least the four years since I first wrote of it.

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Of course, the fear that has driven the END of the PM bear market; the surge in Bitcoin; and the explosive traffic at alternative media websites like the Miles Franklin Blog is based on real factors that no amount of financial market or economic data rigging can hide.  Such as, the unprecedented explosion of worldwide energy inventories that may well push crude oil into the teens – and subsequently, the world into World War III.  Or the fact that cumulatively, individuals, corporations, institutions, municipalities, Central banks, and sovereign nations alike are insolvent – and becoming more so each day.

Even “too big to fail” ringleader Bank of America espoused yesterday that “corporate balance sheets are the unhealthiest they’ve ever been.”  And did anyone notice that one of the nation’s largest pension funds, Central States – which has more than 400,000 participants – is about to cut long-ago-promised benefits by more than 50%?  Or that the only times the Fed’s principal “stress test” indicator has gotten this high, it has been forced to “save” the markets with unprecedented rounds of monetary easing?  Which, as the ECB, BOJ, and other disgraced Central banks have demonstrated in spades in recent months, has not only has lost its efficacy; but generally speaking, has sparked additional selling in financial markets; and buying of Precious Metals.


For what it’s worth, David Stockman – who in my eyes, has taken on legendary status in recent years, for having accurately forecast everything from major macroeconomic trends, to broad financial market failures, to individual stock collapses – is having his third “emergency call” with the public this coming Wednesday night, warning that “the most popular investment of the 21st century is within three weeks of imploding; and word has it, he is referring to the financial House of Cards that the $3 trillion ETF industry has become.  Given that he his first call warned of a broad market collapse resulting from the Fed’s December rate hike (which I, too, vehemently predicted); and the second, that Amazon’s stock would collapse in late December; I’d be quite reluctant to bet against him on what is clearly a far more devastating call.  Or, for that matter, his expectation that consequently, “gold and silver investments could soar.”

In other words, “Economic Mother Nature” is rapidly overtaking the historic market manipulation that has taken the world to the brink of financial collapse; such as, for instance, the COMEX “commercials” having gone massively short paper gold and silver over the past two months, but had their heads handed to them by far more massive physical metal buying.  This is why I have NEVER been more positive that the worldwide monetary end game has arrived; that the four-year old “bear market” in dollar-priced gold and silver has ended; and that the need to “prepare for the worst, but hope for the best” has never been more urgent.