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“Conspiracy theorists.”  They are all over the place.  They are nuts.  They are just a bunch of “disgruntled’s” because they either didn’t get their way or they are a bunch of idealists who think the world should fit their crazy theories.  But hold on there just a second, many of the past “theories” has already been proven as absolute fact.  In the words of Tyler Durden when describing the at market volume dumps in the gold market had this to say:

The good news is that as everyone knows, aside from equity, electricity, FX, Libor, aluminum, and credit derivative markets (in just the case of JPM) gold is never manipulated: Blythe Masters promised. So there’s that.

Zero Hedge, October 15, 2013

Many of these “theories” were not even “out there” or even close to off the wall, many were just of the plain Occam’s razor common sense sort that was pretty obvious in retrospect. My point is that “conspiracies” do exist, many have been proven factual and few even take any stretch of the imagination to understand or believe.

The above leads me to another area currently in the news, the debt ceiling.  What in the world or how could anything to do with the debt ceiling have even a remote possibility of being “conspiratorial?”  Someone mailed me a second hand word of a “friend” who supposedly has worked in Washington DC for some 40 years and says that the current circus saga over the debt ceiling was “planned.”  He said it was planned 6-8 months ago.  Should we believe this?  Should we believe the second hand word of someone we don’t even know?  Who is this guy and how could he know this?  Does he have an agenda or is he just messin’ with us?  I must confess that subconsciously I thought the same thing but I didn’t really know why.  Just as with other “events” that I’ve watched with my own eyes that didn’t make sense initially, and then I figured out what was wrong eventually.  I think I’ve figured this one out.

Please stay with me; this is so simple that it’s stupid.  We are now living through a “government shutdown” where parks and memorials are shut down across the country.  This is kind of stupid because there really is no expense to keep a bike path, cemetery or open air memorial open.  In fact it takes even more expense to kick people out (and to give them tickets as penalty for law breaking).  But this is what is happening and has been happening since day 1.  So where is the “funny business?”  Signs!  Where did all of the signs come from?  The signs that say that the park is closed or the memorial or the walking trail (or “closing the ocean”)… where did they come from?  Who ordered them?  How long ago were they ordered?  Why were they ordered?  Were signs ever erected in past government shutdowns?  I’ll bet that never in the past when we had one of these Congressional pushing matches that parks etc. were not closed.  I don’t know this for a fact but I don’t ever remember it.

In any case, these signs (since they were ordered by Washington) were not ordered a day or 2 before the shutdown, Washington doesn’t work like that.  The graphics, wording, size and materials (not to mention the awarding of “non bid” contracts to printers) all had to be chosen ahead of time.  The signs had to be fabricated and shipped all over the country to arrive “in time.”  Is this a big deal?  Well, not really except for the fact that to me this whole government shutdown/debt ceiling debate seems “staged” or made for public consumption.  I smell a rat, what sort of rat I don’t know…but, at least we know that gold and silver are still free and fair markets?

I wrote the above late yesterday and since then have seen where the USDA has told states not to forward their Nov. issuance files and to delay transmission of “electronic benefit transfers” EBT (food stamps) …until further notice.  I read this at Zero Hedge and have not found it yet anywhere else.  If this turns out to be true and no debt deal is arrived then I guess we will have the answer (the rat that I smell?) to another one of those crazy conspiracy theories.  You know, those “crazies” who have said that the only reason that over 2 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition have been delivered to domestic government agencies…is to… use them.  50 million hungry, angry and eventually rioting people might be a reason?  As I have said all along, silver will spend when nothing else will.