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As you know, I am in the camp that the West, led by the U.S. is and has been pushing for war.  War to create more debt for the banks to skim from, and to retain/prolong the power of dollar hegemony.  I also believe China is not looking for a war and neither is Mr. Putin and Russia.  If they were, I believe there was enough provocation over one year ago with Syria and over the last year as sanction after sanction has been implemented.

In my opinion, Mr. Putin has been pushed just about as far as he will allow.  The arming of Ukraine by NATO will cross the line and the strategy of encircling Russia is not acceptable.  The data I have seen over the last 90 days leads me to believe something very big and very soon will come from Russia …and will not be “singular”, I believe what comes will be multi dimensional.  In no particular order, and you decide the importance, I believe the response”s” from Russia will be nearly simultaneous.

First, there will be a financial response.  This may include hacking our financial institutions, dumping Treasury bonds and dollars, purchasing and making calls on various commodity markets, buying and asking for delivery of both gold and silver amongst other disruptive strategies.  Russia could also announce a “gold ruble” to stabilize their currency and economy, this might likely be followed by some sort of Chinese announcement?  Geopolitically, we may hear of deals cut with the Germans and French.  There may be further deals between the Swiss and Chinese or even other Western nations, we may also watch as Greece is given a deal and falls Eastward.  Saudi Arabia will most likely also be of interest as they now have a new ruler.  Will they continue the petro dollar status, or have “new” deals already been arranged during talks late last year with both Russia and China?

Militarily we could see Russia invade Ukraine outright or worse.  Russia has had months to prepare and just last week mobilized over 100 mobile ICBM missile launchers.  Their actions are not those of a nation readying to stand down.  Please do not tell me that any of the above is impossible, with the financial backing of the Chinese, ANY and all of this is possible.  A goal of fracturing NATO is quite logical in my estimation.

Now for the “crazy” part, but I believe to be a necessary part.  We know that Edward Snowden has been a “guest” living in Russia for over one year.  Do you believe he has been given “free rent”?  Do you believe he has as “sensitive” information as we have been led to believe by Mr. Obama and others?  Personally, I do…and maybe then some.  If you take the above, financial, geopolitical and military pieces and put them together, only one piece is missing, “sentiment”.  Sentiment of the American people!  If Mr. Putin were somehow able to cut the populace’ natural patriotism out from under the current administration, there will be no “will” to fight.  How could this be accomplished?

Let me put several “sentiment” pieces together and you decide if any of this makes sense.  Do you remember back in December there was a blast of media attention given to “torture” at Gitmo and several names in the Bush administration came up?  Did you know Senator Nelson from Florida has been pushing for several months very hard to get the 28 missing pages from the 9-11 report made public?  These 28 pages allegedly name the Saudis as financiers of that sad day.  What if some of the information Mr. Snowden has to offer is bigger than currently thought?  Or separately, what if he has proof showing fraud of a massive nature?  It could be proof of financial fraud, military fraud or even false flag evidence?  What then?  How much is too much for the American people to swallow?

I do not want to argue the logistics.  What I do want to do is ask you what your thoughts are should any of these responses be undertaken by Mr. Putin?  What do you believe will happen to the dollar?  Take each one these retaliations, one by one.  Could we withstand an attack (supported by the Chinese) on our financial markets?  Can Europe, or NATO survive an exit of Greece?  Spain or Italy?  Were Russia to invade Ukraine, who would stop them?  And how?  Then add in “public opinion”, the sentiment of a population can steer official policy more than almost any other factor.  How would the current (or any) administration deal with a public that knows for a fact they’ve been deceived?  As Jim Sinclair says, the dollar is “the common stock” of the U.S., would any of this be good for the dollar or might it spur some serious and unending sales?

I believe we have pushed Russia just about as far as she will allow it.  ANY of the above reactions by Russia (and probably supported by China) will be enough to seriously damage, if not entirely blow up our financial system.  ALL of them simultaneously would be devastating!  We have made it extremely easy for any adversary to do serious damage with very little effort.  We have done so by leveraging our banking and financial systems beyond all reason.  We have used fraud and unfair practices at every turn to “better our position”.  In doing so, and for so many years, the vulnerability to our way of life has never been greater since 1776!   As a patriotic American I hope my analysis is all wet.  As a rational human being, I am afraid it is not.

May God help and bless us all!

Regards,  Bill Holter