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My, how things have changed since I started writing, in the late 1980s.  In those days, there was no Internet and few people used the computer.  In 1989, John King, Jr. gave me his father’s word processor so I could write his (deceased) father’s newsletter – Future Economic Trends.  It was not much more than a glorified typewriter and it used a ribbon cartridge, which need to be replaced all too often.  My newsletter (FET) was mailed out once a month.  All of the industry’s newsletters were monthly or bi-monthly.  News traveled slowly.

15 years later, with the Internet in its infancy, Miles Franklin still didn’t have a website.  My newsletters were going out once a month in hard copy.  In 2001, my friend Jean Pierre Louvet (SafeWealth) told me he would ask Robert Prechter (Elliott Wave Theory) to endorse Miles Franklin in his upcoming book, Conquer the Crash, but he wanted me to set up a website.  And so we did.  From that day forward, our hard copy monthly newsletter became less and less important and our Email newsletter started to dominate.  At that point I was writing once a week to our e-mail database, which was small, but growing, and the hard copy still went out once a month.

These days, we mail out a few thousand hard copies on a quarterly basis, mostly to our older readers who never got into the computer.  And we write TWO daily reports, Ranting Andy Hoffman’s and mine.  In the last decade, the flow of information has sped up from once a quarter or once a month to twice a day!  That’s how fast things are moving now, in the 21st Century.

Do you see a problem with this?  How about information overload.  There is so much information out there that it is impossible to follow it all and minor events take on way too much significance.  The Big Picture gets shoved into the background and the day-to-day “noise” clouds our vision.

The purpose of The Miles Franklin Daily Gold & Silver Summary is to make your job easier.  I digest hours and hours of the best information I can find, every day, and boil it down to a 15 or 20-minute read and make it convenient for you.  I harp on the Big Picture and although I do present lots of daily “noise,” I am always urging you to think ahead and to keep focused on the major trends.  This is important because most of you are not looking for “investment” advice, you are looking for ways to preserve and protect your wealth.  Almost everywhere you turn, someone is trying to sell you on something – the best mining shares, a gas and oil limited partnership, a new get rich quick scheme, or a first issue MS70 silver dollar or Chinese Proof Panda (please avoid these unless you don’t mind being fleeced).

The truth is it is very hard to make money in today’s manipulated markets.  It is very hard to just keep what you already have.  There will be a time when making money will be very easy, as it was a few years ago, and the time is not far off, but now it is best to just sit on the sidelines in cash and gold (silver too) or to move your “fiat” dollars into precious metals, like the Chinese are doing.  They really do know what they are doing and are very savvy investors.

Three or four years down the road, with gold selling for $3,500 or $5,000 an ounce and silver over $100, you will wonder why you didn’t accumulate more when gold was barely over $1,600 and silver was under $30.  You can bank on that.  Really, what more do you need to know than that (the Big Picture)?  Why do you get so unsettled every time gold and silver “correct” 10% or 20%?  This is still a BULL MARKET and all markets ebb and flow up and down.  You are still riding the major trend and it is UP.  Gold and silver are entitled to a year’s rest after 11 years of gains.  We are nearing the end of the downward corrective move now and once the bull market re-ignites, any day now, the move up will be breath taking.

It’s all about ounces!  The more you have the happier you will be and you will never ask yourself, “How much did I pay for them?” (until you sell and you have to provide the tax man with the information).

Please listen to the following interviews with our Ranting Andy Hoffman.  This is especially important to my readers who do NOT read Ranting Andy’s posts.  He is very, very good and you will get a good feel for his views on the economy, precious metals and where Miles Franklin fits into this.  Andy Hoffman really is one of the best in our business, which is why I hired him to be our Director of Marketing.  His writing style is intense and not for everyone, but he has a very large and devoted following.  His interviews are a different story.  He is easy to listen to and his knowledge will astound you.  If you like the interviews, you can get your daily dose of Andy, free of charge.  You can enter your email address in the sign up box to the right and select “Ranting Andy Hoffman Daily Newsletter” to receive his articles to your inbox.

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