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Not much to say, today. I watched our President speak last night. He delivers a (Teleprompter) message very well. He is someone who I want to like and want to see succeed. And it would be a wonderful thing to help the needy, cut red tape, and grow the economy. We all want that. The question becomes HOW DO WE PAY FOR IT? It sounds like we will borrow another $450 billion or raise taxes or a combination of the two. In other words, more of the same policies and solutions that have not worked in the past. Of course, it is all designed to calm the masses and make sure the President and members of congress get voted back into office next fall. I doubt that congress will come together to make it happen, but you never know. The Republican side of the aisle was very muted over the speech. I sense no mood to co-operate here, do you?

This is not a political newsletter. My focus is “how will it affect gold and silver?” Easy – gold and silver have become even more important to all of us now. The problems have been identified and the solutions, which won’t work anyway, are all inflationary. I have a better idea – let’s send every household a check for $5,000, no make it $10,000, and then the economy will thrive and all of our problems will disappear. Of course the US dollar would become worthless, but who cares? It is going to happen anyway, but in slow motion, not all at once.

As my son Andy loves to say – Got Gold?