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What if we’re right?  What if gold runs up to Sinclair’s prediction of $3500-$5000 or his much higher predictions?  What if the bottom falls out of the derivative market and gold soars?  What if the dollar loses 20%, 30% or even 50% of its current international buying power?  What if the dollar loses its Petro-Dollar status?  A lot of “What If’s.”  A lot of real possibilities too.

Have you seriously considered what the world we live in would be like in any of these scenarios?  I think about it a lot.  But it is really hard to get past the intellectual aspects.  It is hard to visualize what like would be like.  I don’t think any of us will like the results of $5000 or $10,000 gold and $100+ silver.  There is more to a good life than a balance sheet, even one that is going up fast.

According to Marin Katusa, analyst at Casey Research, the world is clearing the way for a post dollar reserve currency.  China and Russia are actively avoiding the petro dollar…to which he states, “Will be the final straw to break America’s back.”

Inflation, according to Marin, will exceed 100% when this happens the American way of life will be destroyed!

He strongly urges us to own real things and only partner with companies who are ran by the best management teams on earth backed by shareholders who consider themselves business partners for the long haul.

This is the best interview we have ever done with Marin, covering everything from the economy, when to sell a stock, gold  at $3,000 and where he is putting his money right now.  (I will include his Future Money Trends interview on Thursday.)

This much I can tell you – I don’t know how things will look – but the world will be very different than it is now, and for most people, it won’t be in a better way.

I can also tell you that we will be better off in this new reality with our financial assets intact.  A Great Depression and/or Hyperinflation are in the cards, if you believe John Williams.  Money alone solves only part of the problems. We will be better able to face the next crisis if we have enough gold and silver.  It will buy us the best life style that will be available at the time, and isn’t that all we can really expect?  Hope if you wish.  Hope our predictions are wrong.  I know I do, but I am prepared to be right.  Are you?

Check out James McShirley’s startling article in the LeMetropole Café portion in todays Featured Articles Section.  He points out an amazing fact, one that I bet none of our readers realized.  In fact none of us at Miles Franklin put this all together either.  Another great job by Murphy and the Café.

Here is the latest from Rick Ackerman – after this morning’s drop in gold:

Rick Ackerman.com

The futures have pulled back from a peak that came within $5 of a 1335.30 target introduced here a week ago, when this vehicle was trading $40 lower. The target remains valid, but in the meantime we should regard any pullback as a buying opportunity. That’s because the top of the most recent rally leg refreshed the bullish energy of the daily chart by surpassing November’s ‘external’ peak at 1325.20 (see inset). 

Rick Ackerman.com, February 18, 2014