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I had a revelation.  After listening to Hedrick Smith, I think I understand why all of the people Backwoods Jack talks to, including the president of the fifth largest bank in America and people from Wall Street and industry, and like his friends in upper management at Cargill, are all so upbeat on the economy.   They don’t see the real problems, floating beneath the surface on Main Street.  For the last four decades, the money has flowed UP.  They are doing fine.  They own our politicians.  Tough economy?  How can that be?  Just look at the (false) data released from the BLS and the Wall Street analysts.

But if you are or were formally a part of the middle class, the world looks very different to you.  It used to be that the bankers I knew, and the captains of industry had a heart.  They wanted others to succeed.  Nowadays, these people want to see how much profit they can generate (by cutting jobs and expenses) so that their bonuses will be larger.

To Backwoods’ friends, everything is coming up roses.  To the people who need financial assistance because they lost their job and/or their home, life looks very different.  Backwoods, I understand.  You’ve gotta start hanging out with “real” Americans, not just the ultra-privileged.  And by the way, Pres. Obama, the “RICH” are NOT people who earn $250,000 a year – or even $500,000 a year.  Get real.  If you want to “tax the rich,” then target the rich.  You are way, way into middle class territory, or what’s left of it.

Nothing is as it seems.  Everything is an illusion.  Everywhere we turn we get false signals, false information and promises that will never be kept.  And that, my friends, is why I buy gold and silver.  They speak the truth!  Hang in there, the bull market is not finished and 2013 will be a good year for gold and silver.