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In a rare show of emotion in my POST-MINING SHARE OWNERSHIP WORLD, I emailed David Schectman Friday afternoon expressing frustration with the Cartel’s latest PAPER PM attack, immediately following the “FEBRUARY NFP FARCE.”  My biggest gripe was that just once I’d like to cruise through a RANT without spewing endless streams of vitriolic hatred towards the handful of “elites” destroying our world.  In other words, if we could just beat the Cartel, once and for all, my job would be much easier, emotions calmer, and writing style less impassioned.  His response:

“Without that passion, you would melt like ice cream on a hot day in July.”

Blessing or curse, David is right on the money.  Throughout my career, passion has been my most marketable asset, no place more so than as Miles Franklin’s Marketing Director.  To “sell” a product – or in this case a concept – mere facts rarely suffice, particularly when that concept is outside mainstream circles.  In most cases, being a good salesman means believing in your product and emanating that belief when pitching potential clients.  In my particular case, it was difficult enough selling oilfield service equities during an energy bull market, so you can imagine the difficulty of explaining that dollars are not money, to be traded for a “volatile, non-interest bearing asset” that is.

My nature is to be passionate about my work, and what I do today can hardly be characterized as such.  Public RANTING about the true state of the world, in the interest of empowering people to PROTECT THEMSELVES, is a labor of love, my true calling in life.  The topics I discuss are difficult to hear, so I don’t see any other way to get my point across, and after ten years of correct macroeconomic forecasts, I still rate the public’s willingness to listen to my “doom and gloom” at a “2 of 10.”, passion and all.  Sadly, I don’t expect my acceptance to rise significantly before the END GAME commences, but I assure you I won’t stop trying.  When the END GAME finally arrives – possibly this year – acceptance of my message will surge to a “10,” but sadly, it will already be too late to act.

When the Cartel finally gets overwhelmed by PHYSICAL demand – as the “London Gold Pool” did in 1968 – I expect government control over our lives to dramatically increase – fascist, communist, totalitarian, or otherwise.  At that point, the passion of my message will reach its boiling point, where it will stay until the day I stop writing, hopefully a voluntary event.  In the meantime, I plan to exercise my waning freedom of speech to its fullest, as does my “partner in crime,” David Schectman!