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If a tree fell in the woods and there was no one around, would it make any sound?  Or wait, a better question is, if there was no silver to be had… what would one ounce be worth?  And of course, what would one ounce of gold be worth if there was none to be had?   No, really, what would it be worth?  Would it be worth what the “COMEX” says it is worth?  More?  Less?  About the same?  Nothing?  Priceless?  1,500 cans of tuna fish and some toilet paper?  1,500 rounds of ammo?  A pack of chewing gum or a car?   Think about this question, what would an ounce of gold or silver be worth?

Do you wonder why I am asking you these questions?  Simple.  Because we are soon (I think very soon) to find out the answer even if you are not asking it!  We already know that an ounce of silver is not worth the $23 that COMEX says it’s worth.  No.  Buyers, investors, and scared fiat rabbits are paying more… 30% more for the real, hold in your hand “stuff” that COMEX is so badly underpricing.  Let me go back to the beginning.  What is an ounce of gold or silver worth if and now when an ounce is not available?  What is it worth if, God forbid, the government loses its mind and makes Constitutional money “illegal?”  But wait, here is an even better question:  If gold and silver were to become “illegal/outlawed” in the US but not overseas, then what would they be worth?

I know, lots and lots of questions but no answers, right?  I am asking these questions because I want you to think for yourself.  What does it mean when China, India, Australia, Europe, the US and others are displaying serious shortages of silver?  And now gold has become tight also.  What does this mean?  Why is the stuff disappearing?  Why now?  Supply hasn’t shrunk but the demand side has been turned on like a light switch!  Demand was brisk coming into this price crash and it was steadily increasing.  In the past (with the exception of late 2008), price hits actually did work to some extent in slowing demand through “fear.”

This I believe has now changed.  “This” being what it is exactly that people are afraid of.  In the past, price swoons would work to lower open interest on the paper markets and make people think twice in the physical markets.  I believe that this latest (and most blatant of all) manipulation will be seen as the last straw because a “run” on metal is in progress.  This “run” has the potential of turning into an all-out sprint.  Physical supply absolutely MUST hit the markets and hit them fast if this is to be avoided.  The markets (worldwide) must be supplied and “calmed” or an all-out bank run will result.

The fear now is not owning precious metals and being “scared” that the price will go down.  No, the fear now is systemic.  The fear now is that your bank account gets raided like the Cyprus/template/example.  The fear now is the “government” wherever you may be, fails or defaults.  The fear now is that your central bank does a monkey see monkey do with the Bank of Japan and decides it’s a good thing to double money supply.  The fear now?  In a nutshell is a result of everyone, everywhere being fed a morning noon and night diet of lies that of course never panned out.  People have eyes, ears, lives and experiences on their own, the “green shoots” around every corner propaganda has been proven completely false and hollow.

Finally it looks like the “fear” has morphed from what “they” want you to be afraid of into REAL fear.  Human instinct is taking over and when it comes to emotions, fear is a far greater emotion that greed ever could be.  This “fear” that I am speaking of is, yes you guessed it… the fear of NOT owning precious and in your hand metals!  This is a worldwide phenomenon that began a long time ago but went terminal a week ago Friday.  “Price” seems to have exposed “supply.”  The old saying goes, “There is no rush like a gold rush.”  This saying always speaks to greed.  The coming gold rush with its roots in “fear” will be unlike anything before it because in reality it will be an all-out, all-encompassing global bank run!  We will look back and see very clearly that the “system” itself was flawed and what caused its own demise.  …of course you will hear “Who coulda’ seen it coming?”  The people making a run on the physical markets, that’s who!  People are finally waking up.