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A few comments on market manipulation by Bill Murphy, founder of LeMetropole Café –

Is this ridiculous, or what? Somebody doesn’t have to be Chief Inspector Clouseau to see what is going on in the precious metals. It is almost beyond comprehension how obvious the market manipulation is, and STILL, few outside the GATA camp will go there. Are the people who cover the gold/silver world brain dead? They must be!


Yesterday, for no market reason silver was pummeled, until after the Comex close and the May option expiry ended. We have made mention over many years how JPM operates at times like that, and they did it again today. After getting crushed to $29.85 yesterday for the option expiry, silver is now above $31. Perhaps calling Morgan JP Mafia is too kind.


Retro time (I mean how blatant can this be and how corrupt can the CFTC be to watch this go on and on, and they do NOTHING when they were handed evidence of what JPM does in advance?)…