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Curious words to put on money, particularly in a nation purporting to separate church from state – let alone, the economy.  Even amongst the religious, precious few pray for god (or gods) to protect or bless their money.  Certainly health and wealth –plus, broad concepts such as peace, love, and harmony.  But money?  What does god have to do with money?  I mean, its value is intrinsic, isn’t it?

In the Old Testament, money is mentioned thousands of times.  Not dollars, pounds, or drachma, but GOLD and SILVER.  Moreover, no metal is more frequently mentioned than gold – in dozens of different terms and situations…

Gold in the Bible Encyclopedia

…followed closely – of course – by silver…

Silver in the Bible Encyclopedia

I’m more worried about violations of “church and state” than “church and money,” but it certainly makes me think.  Remember, in America’s fiat currency system, “money” is backed solely by full faith and credit in the government’s ability to stand behind its “Federal Reserve Notes” – i.e. DEBT – and, equally importantly, to maintain the value of such notes, which it clearly has not done…

In other words – per the subject of today’s RANT topic – it’s all about confidence in the government, clearly waning with each passing day.  Switching to religious parlance, what’s the difference between CONFIDENCE and FAITH?  And when it comes to “dollars,” do you have either?  Or, conversely, what about PHYSICAL gold and silver bullion, backed by intrinsic value, and not subject to anyone’s CONFIDENCE or FAITH?

Then again, the bible deems gold and silver money in thousands of instances, and is widely-understood to be DIVINELY inspired.


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