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The “duality of man” is oft discussed in scientific circles, by both biologists and philosophers.  Like the ambiguous “nature versus nurture” argument, the answer to WHY man is both spiritually beautiful and unspeakably evil will never be answered.  Throughout 6,000 years of history, examples of both are prevalent, and by my observation, pretty evenly distributed.  Moreover, both sides are equally influential, such as the peaceful accomplishments of Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr., or vicious genocides of sociopaths like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Mankind has evolved in a two steps forward, one step back pattern for millennia, and some might say WAR is the world’s natural check on growth.  Growth will continue in this manner until the Earth no longer allows it, but major “steps back” have crippled the world for decades, yielding poverty, disease, and strife.  Such events have occurred regularly throughout history, and despite 45 million people having been killed in “minor” wars since the “Great War” ended in 1945, such a generation-changing event has not happened since.

Call me Cassandra, or simply a pessimist, but my gift has not been the ability to see what others can’t see, but what they won’t.  Be it the Iraqi war propaganda, the tech and housing bubbles, or the gold bull market, nearly everything I have espoused – and invested in – throughout my career has been outside the mainstream.  However, nothing I have forecast could be considered greater anathema than my belief the U.S. government is planning an invasion of Iran.

For decades, Iran has been vilified for its “culturally unacceptable” Islamic theocracy.  In America, it is only “acceptable” to be capitalist, “democratic,” and Christian, propagandized as the only “moral” forms of society despite the fact that 80% of the world is neither capitalist nor democratic, and just 30% Christian.  The only conflict we have ever had with Iran was the 1979 hostage crisis, when eight Americans died in a failed rescue attempt, albeit none of the hostages.

And for those that didn’t know, Ross Perot personally snuck into Tehran in 1979 – at risk of life and limb – and subsequently high security Iranian prisons, just to comfort his captured EDS employees.  One of the most courageous acts I have ever heard of, chronicled in the wonderful Ken Follett book, On the Wings of Eagles.

Ironically, the hostage crisis was catalyzed not by Iran, but the U.S., which organized the coup that put the Shah into power 25 years earlier, and opposed his overthrow by the Ayatollah Khomeini.  As in Iraq, no doubt our desire to control Iran’s OIL was our top priority, just as will be the case when the anti-American majority of Saudi Arabia eventually overthrows the pro-American “Royal Family.”

And don’t forget the Iran-Contra Affair, when the U.S. government, just six years later, secretly sold arms to an embargoed Iran to fund another illegal coup, that of the Nicaraguan “Contras” halfway across the world.  Example after example of American hypocrisy and imperialism, but such events are mere blips compared to what appears to be approaching today.

For months, I have been writing of the loudly beating Iranian “war drums,”, with the U.S. and Israel clearly spearheading a Western event to provoke the potentially nuclear-capable Iran into a conflict of potentially Armageddon-like proportions.  In fact, the nuclear threat is but one of many grave risks, starting with the fact that Iran has a population of 74 million, the majority of which are violently anti-West, led by a megalomaniac who is as smart as he is evil.  Saddam Hussein was essentially a corrupt warlord managing a fief, but Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a malignant demagogue, as dangerous as any foe America has come across.

Not only does Iran possess the potential to inflame passions in the world’s most volatile area – Israel – but it has allied with America’s largest, most powerful foes, the nuclear-armed superpowers Russia, China, and India.  As much as America desires Iran’s oil – which it has no chance of securing even it if “won” such a war – China desires it more, and Putin & Co. will NEVER allow its weakened nemesis engage Iran without a fight.  In other words, not only would such a confrontation likely morph into World War III, but it would be eminently unwinnable.  I knew this to be the case when Bush announced our invasion of Iraq in 2003 (ask my wife), and I know it to be the case today.

Given the past decade’s GLOBAL TAKEOVER by the so-called “elite” Western bankers, I must consider the possibility that an evil force is seeking world domination, be it the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, Carlyle Group, Rothschilds, or George Soros.  I don’t understand EXACTLY what’s going on behind the scenes, but the more I read about Barrack Obama’s questionable background, the more it appears that he, too, may be part of the plan.  Frankly, I have no conclusions regarding the topic, other than an increasingly staunch belief that something wicked this way comes.

My RANTS will continue to focus on the urgency of taking action to PROTECT YOURSELF from the coming economic disaster, in many ways the root of the broader risks discussed above.  Conspiracies and global wars don’t start by accident, and if Iranian military conflict breaks out, you can bet some pretty evil, big-picture-motivated sociopaths will be behind it.   Conflict has always brought opportunities for mass exploitation, and in this case ALL key emotional nerve centers would be touched, such as nationalism, terrorism, theocracy, and, of course, OIL.

“Black Swans” shock the world with little or no warning, such as 9/11 or the MF Global collapse.  Unfortunately, the negative consequences of military conflict in Iran will dwarf anything seen on this planet in decades, and I assure you it will not be a Black Swan.