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The reason people read the Miles Franklin newsletters – for FREE, no less – is because unlike the MSM, we tell the unvarnished TRUTH.  And no place is the PROPAGANDA as thick as when TPTB attempted to hide the root causes of civil unrest; as we are seeing in Egypt, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, and Portugal – let alone, the seething boil in places like India, Japan, Greece, and Cyprus.

In my view, the root cause is INFLATION; as never in history has the fatally-flawed fiat currency monetary system been utilized worldwide.  The so-called “Arab Spring” – for example – is actually a GLOBAL phenomenon; i.e., an inflationary cancer spreading from those most vulnerable to those most “immune” – inevitably, claiming ALL of its victims.

Think about it; and consider what “seers” like “GERALD CELENTE, PATRIOT” have forecast for years.  Starting with 2011’s “Arab Spring,” we have seen the ill-effects of accelerating inflation spread like a PLAGUE.  From “MENA’s” like Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt; to the “PIIGS”; to Argentina, Brazil, India, Turkey, Cyprus and Japan – MASSIVE economic, political, and social uprisings have begun.  In my view, we have reached the LOW POINT of global stability of our lifetimes; with the potential of going from bad to worse at any moment …

2013 Egyptian coup d’état – Wikipedia

In a nutshell, why has this happened?  INFLATION, of the things we need to survive; starting with the numero uno of this list – FOOD…


The Western PROPAGANDA machine may pretend it doesn’t exist…


…but in REALITY, food inflation is as ubiquitous as higher taxes…

US Food Price 06-13


UN Food and Agricultural Price

Of course, food inflation is not the same in all countries.  Those holding “reserve currencies” – or at the least, “quasi-reserve currencies” like the Euro, have had lesser rates of inflation than those with relatively illiquid, undesired currencies; not to mention, countries with strained and/or inefficient infrastructure or extreme weather patterns.  And thus, the best “metric” for determining which nations suffer the most virulent inflationary pressure is per capita spending.

Below is a graph depicting per capita food spending in various nations; with the U.S. at the low end of the spectrum at just 6% of household income.  Not surprisingly, Middle Eastern nations are near the top; with only Cameroon (in Africa) having a higher reading than Egypt.  Notice, too, how many of the aforementioned nations (Brazil, Turkey, and India, for example) are at the high end of the range; while even places with much lower per capita food spending – like France and Greece – are still considerably more “inflation-vulnerable” than the United States…

Per Capital Food Spending 10-11

Then there are specific situations to consider, like the price of onions in India – per this shocking quote from June 7th…

What gasoline is to an American, onions are to an Indian.  That is their core food staple.  Onions have gone up 110% in the last 3 months alone, on the back of a previous 100% price hike in the prior 12 months. 

-“Pippa” Malmgren; former Bush economic advisor and member of the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets (i.e. the “PPT”)

…at which point, the Indian Rupee was 5% higher than the ALL-TIME LOW it’s trading at today

ICN 7-9-13 1226

Moreover, the issue is not entirely about food; but instead, a composite of ALL of life’s necessities.  Outside of food, NOTHING stokes global inflationary pressures more than crude oil prices – and now that they are BREAKING OUT, be prepared for the potential for RECORD GASOLINE PRICES…

24 hour Graph

…with – yet again – many of the aforementioned nations – like Turkey – are HEAVILY exposed to such an inflationary shock

The Most Expensive Gas in the World

When considering the BIG PICTURE, please realize that worldwide, the “Middle Class” is disappearing; and subsequently, breaking into two factions, figuratively speaking – “the 1%” and “the 99%.”  For the former, higher prices are but a “loss leader” in the “War against the Poor”; but for the latter, inflation – as depicted by the collapse of the Egyptian Pound – threatens their very existence

USD per 1 EGP

…and the more “inflation-vulnerable” one is, the more likely they are to FIGHT for their LIFE…

The True Cause of Chaos in Egypt – Exposed!