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My feelings all along were that when the ever-swelling “beneath the Middle Class” segment of Americans who subsist on unemployment and welfare checks can no longer afford the basics –medicine, housing and food – any “spark” will ignite more “Fergusons” across America.

All of us here at Miles Franklin believe that serious inflation is headed our way.  We believe that the U.S. dollar may not lose relevance, but it will lose exclusivity as more and more countries start trading “outside the dollar.”

It concerns me to the degree that I am asking myself if this is a good time to leave the Miami area and “retreat” back to the relative calm and safety on Mid America in the Minneapolis area?  That is a question I will answer in the next few months.  And knowing how much we love to live where we do, north of Miami Beach, this is not an easy question to answer.  My past tells me that I am usually right but almost always early.  I don’t believe it’s a question of “if,” but only “when.”  The disparity of wealth in South Florida is embarrassing.  Way too many ultra-wealthy and way to many very poor and under-employed.  You can almost “feel” the envy and anger from those who have less than you do.  We feel it at the shopping malls and the grocery stores.  And we do not flaunt anything, but “they” know.  If gold and silver are not the best choice investments when the fuse is lit, then I don’t have a clue what could be better.  Great!  I have the right investments in the middle of social chaos.  I really want to be wrong here, but I am giving the topic serious though – and maybe so should you.

Charting Poverty In Ferguson: Then And Now – www.zerohedge.com

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/17/2014 17:05 -0400

While there have been many socio-economic ‘explanations for the recent events in Ferguson, many of which have exceeded the realm of the factual and have brazenly encroached on feelings, emotions, heartstrings, and so on, the unpleasant reality is that much of what has transpired not only in the small 21,000-person St. Louis suburban community, but what is taking place across all of America has to do with a far simpler phenomenon: the rise of poverty and the destruction of America’s middle class.

Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge

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The following article is typical of what is happening on a weekly basis and I hope you understand the risk this poses to your dollar-denominated assets.  We write about it often and try to prepare you for what this means to all of us.

Putin says Russia should aim to sell energy in roubles – uk.reuters.com

Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:47pm BST

Putin says Russia should aim to sell oil and gas for rubles globally

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday Russia should aim to sell its oil and gas for rubles globally because the dollar monopoly in energy trade was damaging Russia’s economy.

“We should act carefully. At the moment we are trying to agree with some countries to trade in national currencies,” Putin said during a visit to the Crimea region.

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