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I recently sent an email to a friend who is seriously involved in the stock market.  He still watches Kramer and two other shows on CNBC.  He never misses a single day.  I pointed out that a lot of investors have left the stock market and no longer watch CNBC.  He replied, “Good, that means there are fewer people to buy the stocks I want so they will be cheaper.”

The same could be said for gold and silver right now.  Who is doing all the selling? Probably the bullion banks and some hedge fund algos – what difference does it make “who” is selling?  It means that we can still buy gold (and silver) at ridiculously low prices.   Just wait and see.  All that is needed is a bit more patience.  You can’t refute the laws of (financial) Mother Nature.

The dollar will tumble and gold and silver will rocket up.  All that is supporting these markets or holding them back is heavy intervention and lots of lies, the lack of transparency and truth, courtesy of our heavily censored press – none of it makes the slightest bit of difference in the long run. That is a simple truth.  It won’t be long in coming, because it appears that gold and silver are now in strong hands and there can’t be much left for sale at these prices!

But for many of you, human nature takes over and you lose faith, become scared and gosh forbid, spend too much giving credibility to the likes of Harry Dent or others who say deflation is coming AND gold will fall in price.  Deflation is the “fashionable” thing to discuss now.  Heck, I was writing about deflation in the early 1990s.  We still haven’t seen it – at least not in the things we “need” like food and energy – no, just in some of the things we “want.”  Andy Hoffman writes about this often.  No deflation, I say!  Not unless the Fed and the Govt decide to abandon the stock market, housing market and the economy.  Fat chance.  They would rather ignore the hyperinflationary consequences that accompany a low-interest rate, easy money policy and continue to hold things together with “inflationary” policies.

Inflation or deflation?  It’s all just a great big BET.  You have to choose.  Do you believe that our future is deflation, a strong dollar and a reformed Congress that will not spend frivolously?  Or do you believe the opposite?  If the later, then be thrilled with the low prices now available because so many people have chosen the former.