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Long-time readers know I have been publically professing the virtues of PROTECTING oneself since roughly 2003; and for the past five years, principally via PHYSICAL PMs.  And thus, the last slide of my Power Point presentations; depicting the difference between my job – and cause

Why am I here to Protect

In my role as Miles Franklin’s Marketing Director, the platform to further my cause has been greatly expanded – to medium such as podcasts, radio and TV appearances, webinars, conferences, and private meetings.  However, one of the most exciting initiatives undertaken is the creation of partnerships with individuals and institutions; which are finally starting to gain traction…


The RANT above – written last year – speaks of our referral program with individuals and financial advisors; while today, I’m writing of the “INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERSHIPS WITH MILES FRANKLIN” we seek to create.  And by the way, I’m writing of this now because last week, we signed our second such agreement with a major financial institution.

In other words, its advisors can generate commissions from PROTECTING clients with PHYSICAL PM purchases; simply by channeling them through Miles Franklin.  Our first agreement – today, more than two years old – has been a “win-win” proposition for both parties; and we look forward to additional such arrangements in the coming months and years.

If you have interest in discussing such an arrangement, please contact Miles Franklin’s President – Andy Schectman – at 800-822-8080.