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A week ago, my Monday RANT was titled “Inevitable Iranian War,” prompted by the relentless propaganda released by the U.S. government in recent weeks.  The specific inspiration for that missive was the previous Friday night’s request by Obama that the SWIFT international bank wire system expel Iran, a vicious economic sanction termed by Jim Sinclair a “financial nuclear attack.”  Obviously my urgency was warranted, as oil prices rose 6% this week, gold and silver surged and – for what it’s worth – the U.S. dollar precipitously declined.

This weekend’s RANT was inspired by these factors, the political uproar caused by surging global gasoline prices, and yesterday evening’s announcement that SWIFT will in fact expel Iranian banks – including its Central Bank – from the international wire system.  Throw in the last week’s surprise QE announcement by Japan (resulting in a plunging yen), the previous week’s QE announcement from the U.K., last month’s surprise “ZIRP until at least last 2014” announcement from the Fed, and the upcoming February 29th unveiling of “LTRO 2” by the ECB, and it should be increasingly clear that “some one,” or “some group” is plotting INTENTIONAL ANNIHILATION of the GLOBAL ECONOMY.

It’s not rocket science to realize the massive, largely hidden (via “secret loans”, “unfunded liabilities”, “off balance sheet obligations,” and “derivatives”) global debt edifice has reached the point where it is not only un-payable but growing exponentially, and soon-to-be hyperbolically.  In other words, no matter what TPTB say or do, the END GAME is cast in stone, potentially as soon as this year and if not, shortly thereafter.  However, what’s not as simple to understand is how much of this mess was created by pure stupidity and greed, and how much by premeditated, coordinated planning.

I have never been a strong believer in “elitist” theories, i.e. a group of bankers plotting to take over the world.  It seems incomprehensible that this is even possible, let alone pragmatically schemed.  And how could a group of Western-dominated bankers and “elitists” (George Soros, etc.) possibly think the East would co-operate, given the East now possesses the majority of the world’s population, industrial capacity, and wealth?  Perhaps the plan is just focused on the “English-speaking world,” but irrespective such ideas seem far-fetched.  Then again, the Jekyll Island meeting of 1910 directly yielded the illegal creation of the Federal Reserve three years later, and the 9/11 bombings of the World Trade Center and Pentagon initiated the economic collapse and American police state we are experiencing today, despite ample evidence it was a premeditated “inside job.”

Each day we see increasingly provocative statements and actions by the U.S. and its puppets (particularly the U.K. and Israel) indicating an imminent invasion of Iran, yet NO REASONS are given as to why we aim to do so.  Ahmadinejad has in the past vowed to destroy Israel, but not once have I heard Obama mention this threat – or ANY other specific reason, for that matter – when describing America’s hostility towards Iran.  Heck, I am Jewish and see no reason to defend Israel, as they can handle themselves and certainly don’t need our help.  But again, Obama has not mentioned Israel AT ALL as a reason for increasing tensions in the most dangerous military hot spot on Earth, which could easily become World War III at any time.

As violently against the Iraq invasion as I was – contrary to 95% of Americans, by the way – at least Iraq was “justified” with a reason, legitimate or not.  The fact that Iraq never had WMD’s – or Saddam Hussein any involvement in 9/11 – is just hindsight.  The fact is, back then American’s were sold on these (false) concepts for initiating war, whereas now we are not told ANYTHING.  Think about it – we are supposed to be the most civilized species on the planet, yet are poised to ANNIHILATE ourselves at the whim of a handful of politicians with ZERO credentials in the fields of diplomacy and war, let alone simple trustworthiness based on their horrific track records.

TPTB – whomever they may be – have successfully anesthetized the world since Global Meltdown II commenced last summer, relying on PRINTED MONEY, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA to appease the increasingly angry, disenfranchised masses of the world.  However, unnatural control of such a large, breathing organism is not possible, and thus it cannot be long before the surge of discontent – the Tea Party and OWS movements, for example – explode into a global conflagration of angst and unrest.

This is why “they” have a limited amount of time before they lose CONTROL, and why I grow more confident each day that a grand plan of INTENTIONAL ANNIHILATION is being prepared for the unwashed – and washed – masses in the very near-term.  I don’t know WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, or HOW, but every ounce of my being fears what appears to be forming right in front of our eyes.

Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the first Reagan administration three decades ago, and thankfully is one of the few ex-government employees to have escaped “the system,” analogous to the six Titanic passengers rescued from the water of the 1,530 that went down with the ship.  The piece he penned this week titled “Silencing the Critics” depicts the theme of this RANT perfectly, and coming from a former government insider, is a must-read piece.

Silencing The Critics: Paul Craig Roberts

The Mayans long ago predicted the end of the world in December 2012, but who could imagine “the world” could actually look this desperate as we approach that fateful date, and that the “end of the world” would be INTENTIONAL.  After all, that forecast was made 2,000 years ago, when the Mayans believed themselves to be the Earth’s only inhabitants.