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In many ways, my September 5th RANT – “DOLLAR-PRICED GOLD” – was one of the most important I’ve ever penned.  In it, I wrote:

…the MOST IMPORTANT point in understanding REAL MONEY; and ultimately, the key to the Cartel’s demise – and with it, the GLOBAL FIAT CURRENCY REGIME.  And that is…the world DOES NOT revolve around the United States!

In other words, one must realize gold is a universal currency – recognized as having equal utility and wealth-preserving functions – WORLDWIDE!

When one grasps this simple concept – it becomes crystal clear that SIX BILLION people are competing for rare PHYSICAL gold and silver resources; NOT just 300 million Americans.  Also, that PMs are priced in dozens of other currencies, so one cannot just look to “DOLLAR-PRICED GOLD” to determine global trends.

Not to mention, “purchasing power parity” calculations; “spending intensity” trends; and varying rates of money printing, government intervention, and economic growth – yielding significantly different inflation rates…


And, of course, THE MOST IMPORTANT fact of all; that is, that since 1971, the ENTIRE WORLD has utilized unbacked – i.e., fiat – currency…

August 15, 1971: A Date Which Has Lived In Infamy

…anchored since 1944 to the “almighty dollar”…

Bretton Woods system

Consequently, more dollar reserves have been accumulated than any other currency, enabling it – for now – to stay atop the “currency debasement totem pole.”  Moreover, such “status” has enabled the U.S. government to print GARGANTUAN amounts of worthless scrip to “support” preferred financial markets like stocks and bonds, while suppressing “enemies” such as Precious Metals; which, in recent years, they have attempted with a vengeance.

Fortunately, reality ALWAYS wins out; particularly when speaking of simple mathematics

Simple math and common sense..by Eric Sprott – Bill Holter, Miles Franklin

…which is precisely why gold is nearing an ALL-TIME HIGH in essentially all fiat currencies (prices as of midday Monday, 11/26)…

As I have emphasized countless times before, it MATTERS NOT what Central banks attempt – legal or illegal; as the “genie is out of the bottle” – GLOBALLY…

RBI bans loans to buy gold

Gold has already achieved an ALL-TIME HIGH in Indian Rupees, and shortly will do so in two of the world’s three largest currencies – the Euro and Yen; followed shortly by the so-called “safe haven” Swiss Franc (currently pegged to the Euro), with the all-important Great Britain Pound and U.S. Dollar lurking less than 9% away.

In other words, no matter where you live, the oncoming financial tsunami will sweep up your nation’s fiat currency; wherein, your ONLY salvation will be to convert it to REAL MONEY, as soon as possible.


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