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In 2016, Miles Franklin has taken its industry-leading educational platform on the road, through a series of “Q&A Rap Sessions” featuring President and Co-Founder Andy Schectman, and Marketing Director Andy Hoffman.  We are happy to answer any question you have regarding financial markets, Precious Metals, and the retail bullion industry – and thus far, have done so to large-sized audiences in Denver/Boulder, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Phoenix/Scottsdale.  In all cases, these three to four hour evening sessions are entirely FREE, including dinner.

In the coming three months, we have three additional sessions scheduled; on Thursday, April 21st in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida –hosted by Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network; Friday, May 20th in Houston, Texas – hosted by Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends; and Friday, June 24th in Chicago, Illinois.  To register for these entirely FREE events, please click on the referenced link below.

Ft. Lauderdale                      April 21st
Houston                                May 20th
Chicago                                June 24th

Moreover, the April 21st event will be broadcast live over the internet – also, at NO CHARGE – via an interactive webinar enabling listeners to type in questions, that the “two Andy’s” will answer in real-time.  We are particularly excited about this aspect of the event, as it enables the proceedings to be broadcast worldwide.  To that end, if you’d like to participate, simply click on the link below.

Interactive Webinar                         April 21st
Regarding the latter, we are really hoping this it can help to coalesce the “forces of good” in the worldwide battle of real money against fiat currency; which decidedly, the former is winning.  Thus, the more people you can send this message to, the better.

Thanks, and we look forward to meeting you – either online or in person!