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Israel attacked and killed the top Hamas leader yesterday.  The attacks back and forth commenced AFTER our elections; are you surprised?  The “leadership scandal” within our military has only gone public, again, AFTER the elections.  If you were watching closely for the last several months you would know that there has been a handful of other Generals and Admirals that have been replaced.  There are several theories on this.  My theory is that these were longtime and “conservative” leaders that were swept out of power in a clean sweep.  Is this a surprise?  I could also ask the same question about the recent deluge of negative economic reports and the suddenly declining stock market but I’ll let you think this through.

In the past, were any of our ambassadors killed and dragged through the streets, you could bet your bottom Dollar that swift and very forceful retribution would have been our response.  Not so today.  In the past, were Egypt (another “sort of” ally) to publicly back Hamas and oppose Israel, there would have been an immediate retraction from them and or a statement from The White House.  Again, not so this time to the point where the only thing being heard are crickets, lots and lots of crickets.

I am not bringing this up to bash the current administration, only to state where things are.  In my opinion, this makes the current situation quite dangerous.  Let me explain.  Do you remember back in high school after the first couple of weeks (after a few fights and bloody noses) there was a sort of peaceful “pecking order” because “power” was established and it was easier (safer) to just leave it alone.  This is where we were basically for many years.  Of course there was always “the bully.”  He would go about terrorizing smaller kids until he ran into the little scrappy guy with cajones who was willing to fight.  The “bully” wasn’t so scary after this.  My point is this, for years we had a global pecking order and the U.S. was allied with Israel good or bad.  What is happening now is that Israel “appears” to have been left out in the breeze all on its own now and no one is really sure what the pecking order is any more.

When the pecking order is not clear, “uncertainty” reigns.  But now, at this point and juncture in time, uncertainty could not have arrived at a worse time.  Europe is underfunded from both a sovereign and banking standpoint.  The U.S. is obviously underfunded on the federal level (not to mention the state and municipal level) and the banking system is only alive (but not well) because they have been allowed to fabricate asset values on their balance sheets.  A war in the Middle East could very easily tip the financial scales that are now so precariously balanced.  An oil shock, a trade shock, a currency shock, repatriation of capital or a sovereign debt dump could individually or collectively cause a panic.  As levered as the globe is right now, any panic that starts will end up being THE PANIC in all of history.

That said, you can watch the daily manipulations of the precious metals if you’d like and be “scared.”  Or you can know what history has taught you, when uncertainty reigns, when war begins, when fiat currencies collapse or when sovereign governments default… your first, last and best place to have capital is in Gold, Silver and the entities that produce them.  My opinion is that you close your eyes and ears to the daily “enhanced movements” of Gold and Silver and make sure that you own as much as you plan to… NOW!  Why?  Because history also shows us that the metal will go into hiding and become very difficult if not impossible to purchase with fiat when the music suddenly stops.  You should not be surprised by anything that happens going forward, especially that Gold and Silver will retain their purchasing power no matter what boogeyman is unleashed.