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Gold is not an investment, it is intrinsic wealth based on 6,000 years of history. Gold is beautiful, does not tarnish, can’t go bankrupt.  Gold can be stretched into a sheet so thin it is translucent and pulled into a strand narrower than a human hair. 

Gold pulled from ships that were sunk hundreds of years ago is as undamaged today as it was the day the ship went down. Gold taken from King Tut’s tomb is as good and as valuable today as it was over 3,000 years ago and if you own enough of it you will always be wealthy no matter what the circumstances. 

Over the next decade, the rising price of gold will keep pace with the devaluing US dollar. Those who hold large quantities of gold and or silver will keep up with, or even improve, their relative standard of living. When inflation materializes, and it will, your gold and silver will probably rise with it. In the face of a sinking dollar, gold is safer than stocks or bonds.   

The pending dollar devaluation and increase in inflation has yet to gain much attention. However, if the dollar’s decline were to suddenly speed up for whatever reason the first thing we could expect to see here in the U.S. would be wide spread Exchange Controls.  

Exchange controls are various forms of controls imposed by a government regarding the purchase or sale of foreign currency by residents or on the purchase or sale of local currency by nonresidents.

This is done because the first inclination of wealthy investors would be to flee the sinking ship – “USS Dollar” in favor of some other alternative like Canadian real-estate or Swiss Franc denominated bonds.  But to purchase a Condo in Vancouver or a Swiss Government bond, you must first sell U.S. dollars to buy Canadian Dollars or Swiss Francs. This would help to exacerbate the velocity of the dollar’s decline and increase the inflationary effects that the Government would be trying desperately to quell.

This is a big reason why we are so fond of our Canadian Safe Deposit Box Program http://privatesafedepositboxes.net.  On top of all the industry’s first features, this program is 100% FACTA and FBAR compliant and requires no government or external reporting whatsoever. This guarantees you and your family total privacy and total liquidity outside the county in a proactive fashion. It offers your family a life raft in a potential sea of uncertainty.

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