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Because financial disasters, scandals, inflations and pandemics are important, expect lying. At the highest levels, power, greed, and control influence everything. When millions of lives and trillions of dollars are at stake, politicians will lie to conceal truth and decrease panic.

Miles Franklin sponsored this article by Gary Christenson. The opinions are his.

Breaking news: For the week ending February 28, the DOW fell 3,583 and gold fell $82, $76 of which occurred on Friday the 28th.  For February 2020, the DOW fell 2,846 and gold fell $16. Markets expect the Fed will soon reduce interest rates. Stocks, gold and silver should bounce in early March.


Politicians and central bankers lie when they think necessary. They will blame the pandemic for their sins. They do not want citizens to understand their financial scam that transfers wealth to the political and financial elite from the many.

Important LIES that support this fraud are:

A. Bankers create unbacked debt-based currency units by the trillions. Those new currency units are equal to those earned from manufacturing, production, labor and services.

B. Stocks and bonds represent real wealth.

C. Central banks are necessary.

D. Gold is unimportant and not valuable.


Politicians lie, central bankers lie, and few citizens are concerned because their lies are common. Most people are numb to official lies and twisted stories. Congress has an approval rating under 20%. It surprises many people their rating exceeds five percent. More honesty and less corruption would help.

Politicians Lie: We have it on the authority of Jean-Claude Juncker, the former prime minister of Luxembourg and former President of the European Commission, “When it becomes serious, you have to lie.”

Lying is Understandable: It’s understandable because politicians assume (best case) that the people who voted them into office are not intelligent enough to accept and understand the truth. Strange irony! It is more likely they believe lies are necessary to conceal graft, corruption, greed, incompetence and scandals.

History: Every US president and most politicians and central bankers in the past sixty years have lied about policies, black ops, fiscal and monetary issues, gold, payoffs and wars.


  • President Johnson: “There will be no profit in holding them [silver coins] out of circulation…”
  • President Nixon: He “temporarily” severed the last link between gold and the US dollar, while blaming dollar weakness on speculators, not excessive spending, wars and bad policies.
  • 9-11 Commission: Buildings fell at free-fall speeds. Building seven was NOT hit by a jet. How could this happen?
  • President Bush the younger: Weapons of mass destruction and other excuses to start a war.
  • President Obama: Keep your doctor and insurance plan and save money.
  • Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton: No comment needed.
  • Head of NSA, James Clapper, lied to congress: He claimed, under oath, the NSA does not collect information on Americans.
  • Ben Bernanke: The subprime financial crisis is contained.
  • Coronavirus Covid-19 is contained and not a pandemic: We’ll see.


Fractional reserve banking and the BIG lie. Every new dollar created from nothing and borrowed into existence is as good as dollars earned from labor, manufacturing and providing valuable services. The Fed “prints” dollars and the banking cartel borrows dollars into existence because they can. But if your run-of-the-mill counterfeiter prints one-hundred-dollar bills in his basement, Treasury agents will shut down the counterfeiter. Private counterfeiting is illegal while banker counterfeiting is encouraged.

Gold: “The dollar is as good as gold.” People believed this in the 1950s, but not now.

London Gold Pool in the 1960s:  They tried to cap the price of gold under $40 to support the illusion of dollar strength. It failed.

Central Banking: The Swiss Central Bank (and others) creates currency units from nothing and buys dollars to purchase shares of Apple and other stocks. This is legal because the powers-that-be support the lie that created currency units are equal to other currency units earned honestly.

People will realize the truth. Revelations are coming.


The following political proposals will boost the price of gold while accelerating debt creation and currency devaluations.

A. “Helicopter money” as proposed by Hong Kong. They plan to give every adult citizen ten thousand Hong Kong dollars. Will “helicopter money” be distributed to placate U.S. citizens?

B. A UBI—universal basic income proposed by many politicians.

C. MMT – the “Magic Money Tree” theory of economics.

D. Free health care for all.

E. Free college tuition for all.

F. Forgive college tuition debts.

G. Expanded welfare for illegal aliens and citizens.

H. More and larger wars.

I. Government stimulus programs, “shovel ready” programs, corporate welfare, bailouts for Wall Street, “repo madness,” Federal Reserve purchase of stocks and bonds, QE, “not QE,” and many more…

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  • Imagine a gold eagle – one ounce of gold. At current prices, you can buy that ounce of gold for $1,600 – $1,700 fiat dollars. The ten-year T-Note pays under 1.25% so you could invest $1,700 and watch it grow to $2,000 in ten years. Would you prefer one ounce of gold or 2,000 fiat dollars in the year 2030?
  • Imagine a one-ounce double eagle in 1860 and twenty Confederate paper dollars. Which would you prefer in 1870 or 1970?
  • Imagine a one-ounce gold coin and hundreds of paper currencies over-printed into worthlessness. Examples: Weimar German mark, Hungarian pengo, Polish zloty, Argentinean peso, Brazilian real, Russian ruble, and Venezuelan bolivar. Gold (and silver) are reliable choices for wealth preservation.

Politicians in many countries assured citizens their currencies would remain valuable, savings and retirements were safe, and the government and central bank were trustworthy. Instead, their paper currency units became worthless, and savings and retirements, unless invested in gold, were destroyed. It has happened before and will continue until the banking cartel no longer creates unbacked debt-based currency units. It might be a long wait before sanity returns.

Gold does not need reassuring lies from politicians or central bankers. It has no counter-party risk and is not a liability.

Gold waits in a non-bank vault and retains its value while politicians and the banking cartel devalue currency units down to tiny fractions of their earlier purchasing power.


  • Politicians and central bankers lie to preserve their power, wealth and control. Most of those lies devalue currency units and cause prices to rise.
  • The coronavirus pandemic, but not central bankers, will be blamed for market crashes, panic, economic collapse and trade disruptions.
  • Gold and silver are valuable, but dollars and other global currencies—not so much. This will become painfully obvious during the next five years.

INFLATE OR DIE describes central bank policies and their currency units. Inevitably, gold and silver prices will rise. How high and how fast will be determined by central bankers, politicians, and their QE programs. Inflate or die exists because of monetary craziness and greed.

Stay tuned to see how QE, “not QE,” pandemics and market crashes will impact confidence, credibility, scapegoats, and prices. The pandemic will be blamed instead of excessive debt and the outrageous creation of currency units.

Miles Franklin sells gold and silver, not lies and illusions. Call Miles Franklin at 1-800-822-8080.

Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor