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I received two questions for commentary; the first is easily answered and in the Q & A section and the 2nd has many questions wrapped up into one so I’ve decided that this will be my writing for the day.

My answers are certainly debatable and even though there probably are “correct” answers, as of today it is all speculation.

Q: What do the U.S. ptb see as the ‘End Game’ as far as our monetary/economic system is concerned?

Is the plan to collapse the U.S. and the West and move the power center of the planet East?  It sure seems so. We know that the power center has shifted round the world for millennia.  The reserve currency has also shifted with the sand of time. It was successfully shifted last century from the U.K. to the U.S.  and from Spain and others before that.

Since we know that very few individuals and corporations run the show and they are International and interconnected, does it really matter who runs the show or has the gold on a global basis as long as those in power behind the scenes remain so?

I think we can all agree that the U.S. is a master of deception, obfuscation, and skullduggery.  A little knowledge of the Gold market shenanigans is all one needs in support of that statement.

So, do the TPTB have us all Zigging when they are Zagging behind the scenes?

But what if….   what if that is exactly what they want us to think and it’s all a grand deception?  The whole lack of transparency and audits?

What if the lack of audits is due to there really being more gold than reported and not less?

Has the U.S. really been hoarding gold all these years (decades) that the price has been suppressed?

Have they secretly been mining Chocolate Mountain or other deposits?
Is the legend of Yamashita’s Gold true?

Will they simply steal all foreign held gold at the NY Fed and call it ours?
Are our reserves now multiples of what is widely ‘known’?  And it’s all part of a ‘Grand Reset’ plan and we come out on top again?  A new instant Strong Dollar Policy?

Do I think there is a “grand plan?”  Yes I do, in fact I believe there are several plans.  I believe that a European plan was hatched in 1913 (creation of the Fed) to control the U.S. and ultimately collapse it.  I also believe that there is a “foreign” plan being led by the Chinese and Russians to move power (gold and wealth) East and thus collapse the U.S.  Are TPTB in the U.S. “foolish?”  Well yes and no.  The very top know exactly what they are doing and they know the entire plan whereas there are so many pieces moving that only see “their part” (like the Manhattan project where less than a dozen knew how the piece actually fit together).  I would say that for the most part, our leaders are challenged to tie their own shoes each morning and have their strings pulled from far above and mostly hidden places.  I believe that this echelon acts mostly for their own gain and have enough carrots dangled to not ask many questions.  Have we been turning gold over to prolong the system?  I will answer this with another question, have we had any choice?  Could we have allowed gold run to $5,000 or $10,000 and kept confidence in the dollar?  No.  Could we have refused delivery?  No.  No, we had no other options other than what has been done unless the Piper was to have been paid 10 or more years ago.
Another facet to the question is whether it matters who runs the show or has the gold.  Well yes it does matter.  It matters whether those with power are greedy psychopaths or true “followers” of the socialist plans they propose.  I think that it goes without saying that here in the U.S. many things are being done NOT for our own well-being.  Why all the spying?  Why the armored vehicles, weapons and ammo build up?  They know what they are doing, they know that the results will more than likely be violent and they even know “why” they are doing it.  It is about power and control, both human traits and always “used” whenever the conditions allow it.  This is merely history.  Does it matter who has the gold?  Yes, it always has and always will because with gold comes true financial power and the ability to wield it.
As far as does the U.S. have more gold than we claim?  Could they have been hoarding it all these years?  Are you kidding me?  Really?  Price would have exploded years ago were the U.S. in there buying instead of issuing 100 “paper” ounces for each real ounce that exists.  This is a nice or “quaint” thought but not even one single chance of being correct.  Gold had to be suppressed in order for the dollar to be accepted…this is and was the real power (other than military) that the U.S. wields.  Now I will say that there are probably “some” politicians that have been accumulating gold all of these years because they were personally close enough to the scam to understand that they personally needed to fade it.  I will also say that there are certainly banking interests that are massively long gold because they know and have known what was coming…but this doesn’t mean that they have not badmouthed gold publicly along the way.  Do you really believe that the Rothschild family has replaced their gold with dollars?  They understand money, they can tell the difference between good money and bad.  I assure you that they have been accumulating gold heavily since leaving the sell siders back in 2002 or ’03.
The reader also asks about “Yamashita’s gold,” I wrote an entire piece on this back in February.  Yes this did exist in my opinion and still may to some (smaller) extent today but I believe that most of it has already been scattered over the years.  A “re set” in my opinion will be done by and the benefit for …the owners of gold.  It has taken many years but the U.S. has dishoarded its gold.  I also believe that much of the “custodian” gold that is supposedly held in N.Y. is also gone so it is no longer available to “claim or steal” as it has already been stolen.  I think that the Germans already know this.
As for your “strong dollar” question, we have been playing this game since at least 1996 and in reality since the late 60’s culminating in Nixon’s default in 1971 when we went off the gold standard.  When the plug is finally pulled and we are “re set,” the dollar will collapse and with it U.S. power and hegemony.  Notice the phrase I used, “When WE are re set.”  This will be forced upon us as all cards are thrown on the table.  “Trust us, we have the gold” will no longer work.  If we claim to have it then foreigners will demand an audit.  If we do have it (we don’t), they will say to us, “Fine, then send us your gold for trade as we no longer accept dollars.”  Even if we had some left, it will leave our shores as we do not manufacture anything for export.  In the old days when there was an actual settlement for trade, if you ran a trade deficit you lost your gold.  The “dollar standard” stopped this process and “hid” gold reserves from sight.  “He who REALLY has the gold” will once again become important and the word “really” will need authentication through real and verifiable audits.  “Trust” will again need to be gained and verified.
If I missed any parts to the question(s) I apologize and again, much of my answer needs to be placed in the “my opinion” category but supported by much anecdotal evidence.