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Quite an interesting take on how the financial system, social system and way of life could change with true and non scripted war in the Middle East.  This portrays a complete collapse over a few hours, possible but not probable because in my estimation people are just not smart enough today to act this fast.  Oil up $300 in a day?  Gold up $3,000?  Silver not available under $500 an ounce?  You have to be kidding me… in one day?  Maybe in 3 days or a week but not in the hours immediately after news breaks out.

The thing is, in order for market to from “news” to destroyed in just a few hours will require a mass movement.  An immediate and “fast movement”  would require a public which is in tune with reality and mentally sharp.  This is definitely not the case today particularly in the U.S. where the main stream media has brainwashed all the good little sheeple into believing all is well.  “It can’t happen here” is the current thought process and the reason that I believe it would take a few days at least for things to pan out.

I think that what you should take from watching this video is that EVERYTHING is going to change.  I have said all along that “distribution” will break down when the next financial panic unfolds.  You must remember that it is also a far different world today compared to just 10 or 20 years ago when it comes to “inventories.”  In the past, large inventories were held for sale whereas today the system is streamlined by “just in time” inventories.  This works fine and has worked fine when the system is running on all cylinders.  In my opinion the credit system will completely cease to function for a time which means that shelves will go bare and not be restocked because the “stock” was still in the pipeline and not yet finished product.  Please understand this concept because food and other goods do not grow on shelves and there are far less individual farmers today than there were back during the Great Depression.

While this video was “shocking” to watch, I do hope that it wakes some who have been sleeping so far because I do believe that it is somewhere near accurate as far as what’s coming.  $26 for a gallon of gas?  If there wasn’t any available, who in their right mind would sell any for $26?  If there wasn’t any available, who in their right mind wouldn’t pay $400 to fill up their tank?  It really is all supply and demand, the problem is that when there is no supply, demand skyrockets.

This, is exactly what I believe will happen with Gold and Silver, supply will completely dry up and demand explodes at the same time.  It may take a couple of weeks after a banking system closure but it will happen.  I can envision a scenario where “Dollars” spend for a week or two and are actually scarce because credit is shut down along with ATM’s.  Your local egg farm may sell you some eggs for Dollars (more than previously though) but surely after a week or two it will become understood that accepting Dollars is NOT getting paid and that you may end up with the hot potato.  THIS is what hyperinflation looks like and this is exactly where I believe that we are headed.

Please watch this video and ask yourself “what would I do” if this were even only half true?  Or only 10% true?  The thing is, this cannot only “partially happen” because of how levered and interdependent the system is today.  We are living at a point in time where it is either all… or none.  Either the system works or it doesn’t and if it doesn’t it will collapse entirely in a heap.  The worlds’ economy and financial system is walking such a fine line that even a gentle zephyr has the ability to knock everything off kilter.  Now that you have seen this clip, you can either laugh, bury your head in the sand and believe “it can’t happen here”… or understand what it will look like and do the best that you can to prepare.